My Short Stories

Selected poems.

charlie dimech

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out of the murky depths of inhospitality
crawled the creature from the sea
a lion looked out for her cubs safety
and an eagle rose higher and mightily
a tree top listened on the warm flow of air
a berry fell to the ground
was buried there
sigmund freud alerted the scientific community
and mamma cass sang, it needn't be
a taped copy hit the street
and we all marched down to the sea
to sing the sweet melody
the berry grew
the lion lay down
the eagle descended
the tree swung its branches aloft and carefree
and sigmund freud
well he was still sigmund
crawled back in
the creature
the sea bubbled then was calm
and ghosts walked the air but now in alarm
a wisp of wind and they too took fright
bellowing in to the watery night
the morning woke us from our lair
the lion with us and the lamb so b-a-r-e
oh what peace was with us there
instead of that creature from nowhere
forests grew thick and land was plentiful
the open desert opened up bountiful
only water flowed from this bore
and race and creed
were no more