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charlie dimech

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I left
but shadows
drawn on the wall
the giant tall memory
cinders in a fire burning low
as tinders are crucified
and one is left
but not to testify
for gold
I left
but shadows
me in my sleep
of the victory of the deep
can a kookaburra dispel
its charm the death knell
of the deep
I felt for glory
and got gold
I strove
to write a story
which was never and
will never be told
finds no sorrow
for my soul
bringing instead the rain
a rain to make me whole
there is no escape
from dungeons dark
there is only the liberating
of the lark
and a fernglory of moss
covered stones
where we hid
and stood hidden
from the bones
a litter
is a birds paradise
but we are wise
and we must pay the price
our journey over
and yet its just begun
like witches
whose broil and toil
has been done undone
and as we slide down
into victory
we pause to remember
and pity
the souls of those
gone on before us
to liberate
and smooth
the road to us
little giggly goosey
girl in tails
and a purple ribbon
a new place
in an arid desert
of weatherboard
and frosty window panes