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31st May, 2013.


Unable to fathom the extent of corruption in the American system of government and finance,

unwilling to contemplate the effects, 

unmoved by the bandage over the eyes of its people 

and unmasked by its own foreign policy, 

the land, the country, the population, the society, the culture, the entity that is the USA is about to explode.

Nature itself has been forsaken.

Morality has been outlawed.

Intuition blocked.

Rationality surrendered.

Not all, but most have become victims of crimes committed by those with power, by those with money, by those with connections.

By some diabolical power voices of truth do not unite.

And without this unity there can be no progress and no victory and the truth will die.

This is because they are gripped with fear, unspoken but present to such a degree
that they dare not reach out to expose themselves.

Murmuring in corners and dark places they imitate rather than fight the evil agenda and its perpetrators.

There is no more need for prayers which have all been spoken, except this one prayer for unity to be delivered up to an unseen God.

Only in this unity and in this prayer for unity is there fight, will there be victory and can there be peace within.

29th May 2013


Freedom is the cause of liberty…also of cruel and evil insanity.

The latter has taken America prisoner.

So yes Americans can cry freedom all they want.

They got into this hell freely.

Their liberty will not be recovered 

without a miracle from God, whom they have forgotten..

To prove that he exists.

for without that knowledge

 no prayer is uttered

 no repentance stirred

no redemption in sight

our certainty 

is all the more therefore

God's judgements are just

He repays evil with evil

pride with destruction

sin with devastation

America with a humbling.

For the power of the spirit of mankind

Is greater than evil

But the heart of man is bent at all times on evil and not good

therefore his spirit has dried up

and he has fallen victim

to a dried up greed

he has placed his trust

in the world

and not God 

to reap a harvest

that can only be described as 

not fit to contemplate

27th May. 2013.


Sure as day follows night the doings of the works of darkness are in the end exposed to the light.

Sure as money follows power, bankers follow the hidden masters of world affairs.

Some time soon these will be dragged out of their castles and strung up and their web of organisations made powerful by the weakness of man will wither and die.

At this eleventh hour which morphs into twelve, justice itself is awakened, truth itself is stirred to vengeance and the eleventh hour tea party made up of mad hatters will drink instead a powerful brew of  blood.

Evil now stalks the stage, but it will be short lived. It calls all that is evil to come out of the closet and join in but the crashing noise of their assembly will die before the thunderous applause of the day of the Lord which even now approaches like a fast stead from the heavens.

This is not the hour of justice. It is the hour of the unjust for they have yet to build the temple and make all men fall down and worship the beast.

It is the hour when men will think they have been deserted by the light. Barrenness of soul will be felt and the life of it will be pined for, as men shuttle from circumstance to circumstance and find no relief from their fears.

This is the finale. The final flame. The earth is consumed and will wither and die.

But the devil can only go so far and even then, only to try the inhabitants of the earth. And in this trial a new Paradise is birthed. From the world's ashes a new Jerusalem, a new Eden, more glorious than the past, more permanent, more safe from Satans grasp, more lasting,more sacred than the last, more filled with people more holy than have been cast, up till now, to participate in a holier still, feast of joy,  a King's banquet, a fine repast.

11th May 2013.


Ignorance absolves us of responsibility. So too does powerlessness and insanity.

But the condition of denial does not and this state leads to powerlessness and insanity. Therefore they too are no cover from the responsibility we seek to escape from.

Denial is a form of mental laziness and spiritual weakness. We overcome this denial through trial as we seek to end it and this leads us to a point where we accept the responsibility for truth, puting us on a collision course with those who would maintain the illusion.

We know there is no going back. and we cannot stand still. Therefore our war is one composed of innovation until we accomplish our goals which is the defeat of all evil in positions of power throughout the planet and those possessed of it whom we meet in our daily lives.

This battle however is not ours and we commit ourselves to the rule over our lives of the Spirit who yearns continually on our behalf but from a position of omnipotence hence we should not be afraid.

11th May 2013.


The average IQ of 100 means that most people have to be led by the hand in the public discourse and are generally speaking unable to confront an intelligentia which has been co opted by the Prince of Darkness to decoy and destroy  them.

Thus we see the takedown of the West not as a failure of the public mind but as its betrayal by those who would lead.

Since there is nothing new under the sun it is safe to assume that it has all happened before and all with the same disastrous consequences.

The question arises which we must think upon if we are to make headway is why?

Is it all in God's plan?

When thinking on this subject we are confronted with our own fragility.

We are confronted with the freedom of man.

And how God works with this freedom to bring mankind to his rightful destiny both on this planet and after death.

Mankind by the power of God is about to inherit the cataclysmic birth of Paradise on earth. But first the cataclysm.

The takedown of the West is the final act of destruction. The rest of the world has been suffering the same fate for centuries.

It is this lockdown in the public mind, by being challenged, which will free the many from the tyranny of the few, by a simple revelation.

Once we understand the application of the last Book of the Bible to the current times we can secure our freedom forever, for no power on earth or in hell can defeat the power of that book, the power of its revelation and the power granted to us by it. This reflection is being rolled out now for us that we may ponder its contents, adhere to its admonitions under pain of eternal hell and live. 

1 March 2013.

Truth is its own advertisment. It needs no introduction, explanation, simplification.
Speak the truth and others will listen.
Speak the truth and others will be enlightened.
Speak the truth and others will learn.
Speak truth to witness and others will be saved.

Truth opposes all lies.
Truth breaks all chains.
Truth engenders growth.
Truth erases injustice.
Truth exposes falsity.
Truth collapses oppression.
Truth destroys treason.
Truth monopolizes goodness.
There is no goodness without truth.
And there is no life without goodness.

Truth requires courage.
To speak the truth requires sacrifice.
Because we are not gods.
We are failed human beings.
to whom truth is a lifeboat,
a refuge,
a respite,
a joy.

and the fulfillment of all our dreams....the destroying of all our nightmares.
The uplifting of our souls
The nourishment of our emotions
And the banishment of doubt.

Love truth
Seek it with all your heart
Accept it when you find it
And nourish it in your bosum,
Guard it with your life
And live it in all its fullness.

Truth is synonymous with God.
It is the path to happiness.
It is composed of pure love.
And in the end it is the final arbiter of what stands and what falls,
Yea even to the destruction or salvation of our own souls and those of others.

Our duty to truth is paramount.
There is no other.
Our striving for truth is what makes humanity come alive and soar.
It destroys all evil.
It accomplishes all worthwhile works.
It rejuvenates the soul,
Vanquishes our enemies.
And makes us co-inheritors of our Fathers Kingdom, with Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Who is Truth itself.

Trust the truth
Honour the truth
Make a place for it in your heart and soul and mind.

21 april 2012

Just as the army of God has three legs to stand on, a tripod if you will, meditation, evangelization and mortification so too does the army of Lucifer, and make no mistake he has his army on earth, three legs to stand on ; money, organization and magic.

Can we match these up one on one?

Maybe it would be, lets take the obvious; evangelization versus organization; that would leave meditation versus money and last but certainly not least mortification versus magic.

Something to  fight, meditate on and guard against, in that same order.

4 April 2012

Its all over to the army of God now.
It is his will to end the rule of the bankers.
That is what Apocalypse is all about.
Stay close to the Lord and do your part.

3 April 2012.

TPTB depend on the dollar hegemony. Take that away and they fall into oblivion.
Their power thus is purely monetary.
They have no control over the spirit of mankind.
Their power thus is tenuous and meaningless.

Keep this in mind, step outside the system, laugh and be happy.

There's a new world comin'.
Can you feel it?
Its written in the wind.
Its written on the soles of your feet.

The Soul of Christ belongs to us, therefore we are victorious.

The Cross of Christ is untainted. This is because TPTB can do no more than kill the body. After this they have no more power.

The spirit, even yea, of Christ still lives. Who are they going to kill now?
He is God. They have no more control over Him, and He it is Who  comes to conquer them with the power of His breath and through the saints of God.

Thats whats written in the wind.
Thats whats written on the soles of your feet.


31st march 2012 continued

all history is predicated on this good/evil dilema and current history is no exception
everything that is happening in the world is a result of this 
it is all spiritual and every person has a hand in it because of this to the extent that he wants to 
if the forces of evil are dominant it is because you are doing nothing or have joined them
no one is exempt from the fight

we are all spirits and all power for good or evil lies in the spirit subject to the will
what you wish for you will receive
what you strive for provided it is spiritual you will receive
what you pray for provided it is spiritual you will receive both in this world and the world to come in greater abundance
we are spirits
what we feel is spiritual

31st March 2012.

there are two forces at work in this world....only two

God and the devil 

good and evil

both working through the human will

we are either the willing servants of God, of good

or the unwilling pawns or slaves of evil.

How do we know which

the measure is always the ten commandments

give yourself a mark out of ten.

19th September 2011.

Project Blue Beam

is given credence by the two blue beams that replaced the World Trade Centres.

Their demolition set in train the NWO end game.

 An end game which relies heavily on this Bluebeam project, involving among other things holograms from space, to succeed.

Project blue beam involves deception on a world wide scale. the WTC collapse myth also involves deception on a world wide scale.

Hence the two blue beams at the world trade centre site.

16 th September 2011.

Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics.

14th September 2011.

CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer on 911. Her story.

29th June 2011.

The plan IN ITS FINAL STAGES OF IMPLEMENTATION for world enslavement is a masonic not a Jewish plan.

This is seen from Albert Pike's satanic vision of three world wars given him by Satan. This was given to a Mason not a Jew, and the leader of Freemasonry at the time, worldwide and in the USA. Hence we see this plan unfolding from the USA.

This third world war emanates from the Middle East. Hence the current troubles in the Middle East emanate from Freemasonry manoevering, not Jewish or even Zionist (whatever that means) manoevering. In actual fact zionism is merely a cloak for Freemasonry. 

Jews and others are engaged in Freemasonry, but let us not cloud the issue by looking at Jews in Freemasonry and saying it is a Jewish plan.

Hitler made that mistake. Let us not repeat history by making the same mistake.

The oppression of Palestinians costs Israel and Israelis more than living in peace with them, which they could easily do and still retain their Jewish state, but this policy of oppression is not dictated by a democratically elected Jewish government, but by a government which is answerable only to the Masonic lodge, and whose mission is to create instability, unrest, tension, warfare and suffering throughout the entire Middle East and, according to the script, will see the annilation of both Israel and  its Arab neighbours AND from out of this the whole world annhilated and, out of this chaos they intend to bring out their New World Order.

29th June 2011.

Despite the in your face agenda 21 depopulation program which does not discriminate between anyone, not even the elite, going ahead at full steam, there is no cry to God for deliverance; no protest either in the streets or in the media, not even the alternative media; no attempt to protect themselves by anyone; attempt even to label the  manifestastions which ARE in your face what they are;- agenda 21 depopulation program.... and no light at the end of the tunnel.

Subervient slaves, all of you. You should be ashamed but you have no more concience viable enough to evoke such feelings, because your concience was the first target, even before your bodies, of  Agenda 21, for the program to work. ie to have effective results. Only now that your concience and ability to think is gone have they ramped up the physical destruction of your bodies and woe to any that object, being immediately branded, not by the elect but by your fellow man as a kook.

To what extent fear has a part in all this I am not sure.
Ignorance is no excuse because of the availability of knowledge which is laying their plans out even more and more.
So be it. Every man has a God given free will, which even God does not interfere with.

BUT when will you cry out to God? if you haven't already done so and are thus being saved.

29th June 2011.

  • Americans are inviting their own enslavement by denying the facts. Its Masons who control you.

  • Thus you think it is the Jew. Just as they control every opposition in your country and others, they control your thoughts and actions and beliefs. 

  • There are many layers of deception.Peel the onion and you get another layer.

  • Who is Br nathanael trying to protect by denying the obvious?
  • The Masons in control may be 80% Jewish. I don’t doubt it!
    They may be hidden. I don’t doubt it.
    Hitler took on the Jews and the Masons.

  • But the hidden Jews and the hidden Masons, these he did not take on because they were hidden, manipulating him through the power of money, through the power of finance in a terribly cold and calculating plan to deliver Germany to them. They were ready to go and moved into Germany to take up control of all power in the country both social and economic as soon as the war ended. A job for which they were in training even during the war as the Masonic scheme was brought to fruition in exactly the way they planned in both the East and the West.

  • Witness the Masonic symbol of the hexagram ( six pointed star), which still today marks the spot where the Japanese advance was halted in New Guinea, but was erected back in 1945, before the State of Israel, which bears the symbol as its national flag, came into existence. Thus we see the MASONIC state of Israel is a MASONIC creation, and this star erected at that spot, at that time, proves it.
    Israel is run for Masonic purposes, and that purpose is world enslavement to their god, Lucifer.

  • Many Jews realizing this are now fleeing Israel. At least 10% of Russian Jews have returned to Russia since the mass emigration began.
    Around 50, 000 Jews have left Israel in the past year alone because they realized finally that the purpose of the founding of the state of Israel was to create war not peace as they were led to believe in the first place.

  • This war as part of the plan of the MASONS, though they be “Jewish” at the top there is no doubt, after all they created the Talmud and the Kabbala, on which Masonry is based, this war is aimed, not at creating a place for Jews to live in peace as their politicians claim; but as a way for MASONS to bring about their ‘New World Order………….through war;
  • and this war is against us all; in the Middle East and eventually world wide; 
  • it is not just conventional warfare but ware carried out


        Psychotronically and through poison;

  • against our culture and our beliefs;
    against our heritage and our education;
    against our science and our technology;
    against our religion and our family.
  • .   It is a war against creation itself and there are no winners. Satan is a loser.

  • It is a continuation of the war in heaven against God. and thus it is a war against Jesus Christ and His church on earth.

Thus also it is a continuation of the war against morality which started in the Garden of Eden,

 after satan had been thrown down to earth; 

through a misuse and misdirection of the sex instinct which was created by God as the fusion of physical and spiritual love, not its disunion, dysfunction and corruption.

This is at the heart of all evil. 

There was no money in the Garden of Eden. 

There was no rivalry between nations. 

There were only two people, a man and a woman.Both were naked until their ill- timed sex brought ruin on their souls and they had to be covered by God. 

Witness the assault on our morality in our day.

This is a continuation of the assault on Adam and Eve by the devil who knew so much about them and thus how to make them fall.

Similarly he knows also how to lead us deeper and deeper into corruption, more lies and eventually to a state of hopelessness.

The belief system on this board in the RACE of Jews and not Freemasonry of the Jews and 'Gentiles,' as Br Nathanael still likes to call us (funny about that) is one manifestation of the hopelessness current in our society, which you can never hope to recover from, without the Eucharist.

Catholic Eucharist flash mob.

Quote from comment attached to the video.

"I was part of this amazing experience and I can tell you all that Jesus was truly present in the Blessed Sacrament but also in each and every one of us - we felt His love, Joy and Peace - Thanks be to God! May feel Jesus touch your soul as he touched all of ours on that wonderful day.

A proud Catholic Prestonian."

18th October 2010.
The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit - as prophesized by St Francis Xavier long ago, now has a more powerful intercessor in Heaven.
St Mary "of the Cross" Mackillop.      
Australia's first canonized saint.
St Mary, protect our nation.
16th October. 2010
The reason why the murdering, butchering, thiefdom is still in power in the USA is because the people have been sedated at the same time as the boot has been applied.
Further, mind control  has become almost universal.
Put these three together and where does that leave ANYONE, never mind the  "average' person.
Despite all this people are starting to wake up in droves, as a testimony to the human spirit and it will not be long before we have a mutiny on the Titanic.
 Those who have commandeered the lifeboats will be cast adrift and the ship of state will be saved with the strong arm of the Almighty.
Never again will this evil cabal set foot in the land of the free, home of the brave.
Their followers will perish in like manner, and a worldwide cataclysm will be averted at the last moment, through the intercession of the Mother of God.
These are cataclysmic times and all children of Satan will perish.
All will be straighted.
Nature itself looks foreward to renewal, which will surely come and save our souls, save us and save the earth for future generations.
This earth will shine like it was meant to from eternity.
15th October. 2010.
My purpose of posting these thoughts is to help with ALL others doing the same thing to achieve the "hundred monkey syndrome"
ie to get a critical mass of people awake. At which point it has been shown (at least with monkeys)  that the rest will awaken also, even though there is no known source of communication with them, simply by virtue of our interconnectedness, the mechanics of which is a mystery.
But people who react, even when they hear, by rolling over and going to sleep will NEVER wake up, and  prevent others from waking up also.
When the entire nation is awake, or a significant portion, things begin to happen which are unstoppable, powerful and predeterminate of spiritual renewal and creativity against which no power of satan can battle.
This is prayer and even those that knock prayer may be great contributors to it.
Opposed to this is a force that knows it too well and does all in its power to prevent it, through brain washing, molding, mind control. You can escape this control by having refuge to Christ who waits inside your very own soul,
seek him there. He is your secure refuge, if you do not close off to Him through fear, self- loathing and hatred and you will see reality without the prism of the prison. Your heart will move foreward in the great march of mankind towards the creative freedom of life. The powers of evil will flee, and the structures they have built will crumble.
12th October. 2010.
There is in society from time to time a scoffing at prayer.
Prayer is nothing more or less than a personal relationship with Christ - thats the prayer. - when we choose to exercise it.
But who is this Jesus?
Is He a fable.
Is He real but remote and unreachable.
Is He directly involved in the ordinary everyday lives of each and every human on planet earth?
The answer is a seemingly contradictory 'yes' to all of these, and because all depends on faith, and not a false hope ... in the power of the living God to intervene in the lives of those who - even in their own faltering, weak and immensely human way BELIEVE; even in their own faltering, weak and immensely human condition TRUST.
This we can confidently KNOW ........ when we look at the cross of Jesus, where He took on Himself, all our human failings.
Our cross is difficult but not impossible to us, because of Him and His sacrifice.
22nd September 2010.
I sought and received a vision of the United States.
In it I saw a huge crowd of people who had survived a massive devastation.
I was given to know that there were millions outside the picture dead and left unburied.
Those who had survived were subdued, silent, thankful to the Lord Jesus and His Father in Heaven through the Holy Spirit.
They were in anticipation, waiting on the Lord.
19th September 2010.
The key to the emerging police state  - do not bend the knee.
18th September 2010.
For Christians the most important thing that attracted us to Jesus was the great goodness he had towards us in dying on the cross for us.
This was because we were not familiar with the good almighty God beforehand. We worshipped strange gods.
Our first encounter with the true God was Christ crucified. The Resurrection then seemed a natural consequence for the truth of that love, but the act that produced it was much more important for us, for we were lost and cut off from the great love of God.
But with Jews it was different. they were always aware of the great goodness of God, prior to Christ's birth. It was what made them different.
[*Here we see also the source of the betrayal of those Jews who were not being saved; whereas, except for the devout,the righteous, they were spoilt by this prior knowledge,for the good News of Christs Love to Death on the Cross.]
 For the devout, the righteous Jews at the time of Christ's death or even now, the dying, as prefigured in Abraham and Issac was not something that would be unfamiliar to their psyche.
But the Resurrection was what was new totally for them and this is what stimulated/es their conversion.
Although figuratively the condemned Issac, also an innocent victim, was given a new lease of life, he did not actualy die, and the connection therefore is tenuous in the Jewish psyche, prior to conversion to Christianity, prior to conversion to the truth.
After 2000 years cut off from the true love of God however, the tables are once more turned and the Jews still remaining outside the faith are ripe for conversion because of that. Here we are speaking of true Jews and not those who have usurped the ancient religion for base gain even after it had become superceded and made obsolete, a mere "type" or prefigurement of the true faith and religion - Christianity.
This superceding by the anti type, christianity was symbolized by the tearing of the curtain in the Temple at the moment of Christs death.
This Khasaric usurpation for base gain, be it political, economic or social or a combination of these is a whole other psychology session, but  can be summarized as follows.
In the words of Jesus.
" He who attempts to save his life will lose it. but he who loses his life for My sake will gain it."
This is why they are so reprobate, with a fanaticism not unlike that of fanatical Muslims.
But they are also brainwashed and perhaps "there but for the grace of God go I."
Who knows?
17th September. 2010.
Blessed is the man who stays close to the Lord for he is the one God chooses to accomplish his will,  to  carry foreward His plans for the salvation of mankind and the arrival of the Kingdom of God on earth.
This man knows His right hand, which gently leads that he will not stumble, gently chides, that he will not fall.
This man rises with Jesus and on his knees, giving praises commends his life to Him, his day fully to Jesus' hand, to go where so God leads and despite the cost.
16th September. 2010
how have we fasted today?
the answer to this answers also the question. how have we advanced the kingdom of god today? - as long as we are rooted in prayer and the christian message.
the christian message is  not any church's message but the bible message. the new testament bible and the gospel message as its core.
when we fast we move over and allow the holy spirit to take control of our lives and change our hearts forever.
when we fast we proclaim our fidelity to god and our spirit. we send out to the world a wave of love, a shower of truth and a burden of righteousness
it is a light burden, and the burden is the defeat of evil in the world which crubles at the first sign of righteousness.
we know all these things when we fast and we see the words of the gospel come to life
we see the fulfilment of the words of scripture "I have overcome the world"
when we worship god we obey him
when we adore god we follow in his footsteps
when we praise god we become one with goodness himself
and when we take up our cross we fulfill ALL the commandments.
and carrying the cross we arrive in a short space of time to calvary.
Once crucified. We rise at the time appointed and spread out across Gods appointed field to bring in the souls bound for glory.
14th September 2010.
Whenever you hear of a NWO conspiracy in whatever field,  for the enslavement of mankind, think Freemasonry. This is the mechanism, organization, infestation  and connection to Zionism by which it is accomplished. This is the mechanism by which Zionism advances its agenda. Be it in vaccination programs, antidepressants, cancer treatments, right through to banking, policing, courts and governments; restrictions on human liberty, poverty, war, plagues of bacterial and viral diseases, rigged election, depleted Uranium weapons, slavery (based in Tel Aviv and the USA and preying on women in Eastern Europe and America), satanic worship, kidnappings,esp children and human sacrifice, concentration camps,weather modification, chermtrails, gulf oil disaster, Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, Elecromagnetic,radiation, Monsantos poisons and GMO, education, hollywood, TV adds, the homosexual agenda, abortion, feminism, modern music and film, witchcraft,in fact every modern evil known and unknown, seen and unseen can be traced to Freemasonry. Never lose sight of that.
 All of this is a secret, in that the man in the street is not meant to find out, otherwise he would hunt them down in the street and hang them from the nearest lightpole. Make no mistake. Mankind is not impotent. He is merely blindfolded.
The EU NAU etc, political wars in the Middle east and Eurasia, Nato, political assassinations in the US, Poland, UK, gun confiscation, the Holohoax, demonization of Hitler and whitewashing of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. all these political moves derive from Zionism, witht he backing of freemasonry ie. the feet on the ground, the nuts and bolts, in the beaurocracies used to carry these things out.
The media is a direct tool of Zionism, again with the power and support of Freemasonry.
Just by focussing on the connection between these two, Freemasonry and Zionism, you destroy them. It is their weak point and cannot stand scrutiny.
Concentrate on this, sending a message to the group mind, which exists in the world. This same group mind which is tapped into by "Half Past Human." in their web based prophecies and based on the themes which pervade web entries world wide.
You see this connection is tenuous because they hate each other, but they need each other. It does not take much to blow it over and make them turn on themselves. Think about it; let it collapse in your mind.
In this way you hasten the coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Mon Aug17 2009
The consecration of Russia BY NAME.
That was what was missing from the 1980s consecrations by JPII and the church.
This ASSEMBLY  in Rome  June  2010
Will make up for that deficiency.
Tues 18Aug  2009
If we wish to heal someone physically it is necessary to approach that person, filled with  brotherly love, rather than paternalistic benevolence.
Only tremendous brotherly love, filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit can effect physical healing in a brother, sister.
This ministry was lost to the church when the hierarchy abrogated the title of 'father' to themselves, instead of brother, in direct contradiction to the command of Christ in the Gospel, which they deign to preach.
This love is wasted on a heart that is bent towards evil, and we must resort to prayer begging God's grace for that soul.
Wed 19Aug 2009
I have to believe that every man has the Ten Commandments written on his heart.
Thurs 20Aug 2009
To carry the cross, that is the daily challenge, and task, and victory over all.
Fasting is the road you must travel.
Fri 21Aug 2009
Use the new Webron to set up THE ALTERNATIVE NEWS based on current topic based web search highlights.
Aim 1-3 stories a day, 5 max.
Thurs 27 Aug. 2009
Fasting is as central to Christianity as breathing is to life.