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To Cure Cancer.


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Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. To cure cancer simply take ionised alkaline water available from your supermarket, greengrocer or health food store in stead of normal tap or bottled water for three months or so depending on the severity of the cancer.

Cancer thrives in a toxic environment so to remove the toxins in your body take food grade bentonite clay dissolved in ionised alkaline water or orange juice three times a day for several days to a week.

You can buy it already made up from a company in Baulkham Hills Sydney if you live in that city called Natures Sunshine,a health supplement wholesaler.

But it is cheaper to buy the powder and shake it up in a jar.

Take a bio magnesium supplement before during and after. One jar will be sufficient.

Stop using fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water and use natural soap.

Although it wont stop the fluoride get a shower filter for around $50.

Eat organic whenever possible.