My Short Stories

"Interior Communications with God."

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All of North Africa; Morocco, Algeria, Libya,Egypt, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali,, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, will undergo a transformation into my Spirit. 

It will be unknown, at first, from whence this revival comes; but gradually and with new and marvelous miracles, of inexplicable origin, all pointing to the divinity, it will dawn on them.

This will not be like the false miracles of the antichrist. There is nothing fake about them, and the distinction will be obvious to all but the totally deluded.

The other nations, north of the Sahara will follow, then later and with conditioned response to their will, I will enlighten the nations of the rest of Africa. This will be at a time when the whole world will be shown my love, and power, and dominion over all of humanity.

This will not follow any former time enlightenment, for I wish to convert the whole world, with miracles of a global nature and reach. 

Even Australia, your home country will feel the pinch of their souls as I prove the existence of myself to them.

All GMO food will be destroyed. My hand will wipe the earth clean of this abomination to the food supply of my people.

All murders by govts. will be counted by me. There will be an accounting for everyone who is killed by government forces both openly and clandestinely.
There will be no escape, for those responsible, from my divine justice.

The destruction of this planet will not take place as expected. It will be by fire from heaven not the workers of iniquity, for the latter I will not allow. They have polluted it already , but they can only go so far before my father in heaven will chastise them and they, particularly, will not escape his wrath, as they suppose by way of their own diabolical plans. Thus the earth will be renewed by my father in heaven also.

It is a commonly acknowledged oversight of man that he thinks power derives from the barrel of a gun, including the new weapons.
But his response to this oversight is surrender of power to illegitimate authority, and thus he perpetuates the very thing he regards as an oversight. 

This moral weakness is a part of man which leads to his destruction, if it were not for souls who suffer on his behalf, to reveal to him the truth and thus save his god given, eternal and precious soul, which is worth more than the entire 'inanimate' universe.

But there is a lack of these suffering souls.


In Australia I must continue my work, which is all reaching, into every part of society.

No one will escape my influence and my mercy will be abundant.

I will stay the hand of the evil doer and chastise those who practise witchcraft. They will not escape my notice.

My justice will reach even into the dark recessed and hidden corners of your freemasonic groups who think they know me and are above me. I will root them out and expose them to the full gaze of the public scrutiny. 

The British consulate building where houses the mother of these evils will also be unveiled and unmasked and the connection to their British counterparts of the Scottish Rite will be fully revealed, exposed and assessed by the media and the public, as well as the political establishment.
 I will let no corner of their inner workings go unexposed for I will root them all out of their dark closets and evil practises, aimed at world domination, off the backs, blood, sweat and tears of the people.

For they do not work themselves except at new plans, exotic ways of oppressing and damaging the God given souls, the psyche and the inner mind and feelings of those just trying to earn a living and get by in the world with a few enterttainments.

 This oppression will be rooted out. It will be squashed. I have said it and it will occur.

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