My Short Stories

"Interior Communications with God."


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World Leaders.

The overwhelming majority of people believe in God but it is a small sect that is trying to destroy the earth and eradicate God Himself that have taken control of your leaders.

To disentangle themselves from their grasp I will send many messengers to proclaim the good news of the Gospel throughout the entire world, so they cannot claim ignorance.

I will accompany this with many miracles to put the good news of my Coming, Life, Death and Resurrection before them. They will have every opportunity to reject the deceivers; those who would put themselves in the position of God and proclaim their own power as emanating from me. 

This antichrist figure will mask his true identity, but my own will perceive and know from whence he comes.

You too follow their warnings, and do not be deceived by the incarnation of the devil, who is a great deceiver.

I am going to deliver this world from a great injustice. 

I am going to deliver it from the great deceiver.

I will put my army at your disposal so that you can institute laws and statutes which will abolish his influence over the souls of those who are left floundering by his already accursed assaults on those who are subject to his power and influence and the environment in which they must abide.

I am God. There is no other.

Church Leaders.

Now I must turn to my church leaders. I am God. There is, never was and never will be any other.

You must serve me, as all creation was devised for the purpose of loving me and receiving My love. 

Satan rebelled against this. As did Lucifer. It is these that now haunt your churches to destroy it and turn it into something that it is not. 

I call out to you. I wish to rescue souls through you, through your fidelity to me, through your rejection of the evil changes which are about to take place in my church upon earth.

You only have one responsibility and that is to God and through him to the souls he has placed in your path so that you will pray for them, advise and guide them, for their salvation and that of their relatives and friends.
Do this now. Place your trust and cofidence in me through the Holy Spirit. 

Church leaders must align themselves with my will and not with the church structure which has fallen to the antipope.

This they do by listening to and discerning my voice over and above words and pronouncements from the hierarchy.

 The 'pope' himself in his words is pure poison and should be taken with a grain of salt keeping on guard lest he destroy your souls by opening up to him.

 This is a most weighty warning, grave in its consequences were it not to be heeded and heeded fully, mercilessly .

My people must realise that I place myself at the disposal of humble souls before me.

 So that you should never think that the powers of darkness which are trying to rule over you are beyond your powers to defeat. 

Of yourself you can do nothing. I will do it for you when you ask.

 Trust this. Place yourself before me. 

But you must accept that you are overcoming them yourself by doing this, just as they are oppressing you not of themselves but through the power of Satan and the devils of hell.

This power is yours. I give it to you. Use it. 

Do not be afraid or hesitant, in this manner to rise above them and ask me to defeat them and destroy the evil. But do it from a position of victory assured you by the Holy Spirit and my word and your understanding and belief in this.

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