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ancient megalithic site in australia - 2.

footnotes (cont)

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Link -Sound levitation machine? (drawing from visual contact)


                                                                            Why was there a substantial petrified ancient sound levitation machine at this site, before it was removed (almost) IMMEDIATELY after my discovery of it -? 

How did they know of my discovery? 

How did they know every time, except the first couple of times, when I went to the site for that matter?

The discovery was on the down side of the  raised "plateau" and they missed it in their destruction of the site, until I had actually found it myself but then it disappeared even though I had by this time learnt my lesson and not told anyone about it. I was aware that I was watched but I did not know how and still don't.

But getting back to my original question. 

What was it doing there? What was it used for?

 Was it used to raise the entire plateau itself? 

There seems very little by way of obvious lifting that was done except a few stones balance on three points and situated atop one or two of the large stones of the stone circle, but thats it. 

The sound levitation machine itself is, or was, as big as any of them, if not larger, and even though it obviously was not petrified at the time it seems like a huge investment, even for these technologically advanced people to have been used for so little and then left there.

I believe the plateau was man made for as I have described earlier it consists of the 5 stone circle with a 150 foot diameter surrounded on three sides by what look like 2 football fields sized each assembly areas . The fourth side simply descends sharply to the ground below. It was on this side that I discovered the machine. 

That people preceded into (or out of) the circle from two of these assembly areas (at right angles to each other) is proven by the fact  that there was a perfectly round water bowl cut out of a sandstone block on each of these sides,just outside the circle. Water enhances the effect of the energy inside the circle. No doubt about  that as I have experienced it myself. One of these bowls still had a lid as I described earlier.

These assembly areas also descend to the ground below very sharply, on one side very sharply to a deep valley.

The third assembly areas is opposite the time hole….or within it…

It was on the downside of this area that the sound levitation was found, facing away from the whole place. Also found here was an ancient fireplace and an ancient petrified battery, lying on the ground within 20 metres of the fireplace, which resembled a modern day car battery also described earlier.

It could have been used for lifting things which were no longer there, one possibility. But what and why?

Given its size and level of engineering I would say it served a great purpose and that purpose may  have been to raise the entire plateau, for whatever reason. 

I would not even end there. It may have been used to raise the entire geological surrounds of the so called valley adjacent the site (not the one mentioned above which is on the opposite side of the plateau and is perfectly natural.

. This is not like any valley I have ever seen but a more or less flat plain surrounded unusually in circular fashion by a ridge of sandstone dirt and whatever lies below that dirt. A river runs through the "valley" probably just big enough to irrigate it. The surrounding earthwork high enough and solid enough to loosely give the term valley to its enclosure, but  barely and only if you force the word into the vocabulary under protest.

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1. The face on this "sphinx", which I call it as it is similar to the "original" Sphinx head in Egypt (not the restored Egyptian version) note its dignity even after all this time and decay. No doubt the leading person of the time in at least that part of the world and probably worldwide.There isn't another anywhere in the world that I am aware of, is I believe computer perfect. ie. in the execution of both sides of the face.
This struck me whilst leaning against my car at a certain angle to the sphinx from a sufficient distance to get proper perspective and with sufficient sunlight and clarity of the atmosphere.

2. That there is an unusual electricity in the atmosphere surrounding the timehole is established by the fact that on the first occasion that I entered the timehole there was a fog around the mountain even though immediately prior to and after the mountain there was no fog even in the valleys where you expect fog to lay (not around mountain tops.)
There was fog in the general area that morning but it had largely dissipated.
If not, then what could have caused the fog to be held at that height but not immediately below it, which is unnatural? (In the Bermuda Triangle people report seeing a green fog when ships etc seem to disappear or even appear  like ghosts).

3. All 5 rocks of the circle plus the additional 2 rocks adjacent one of which is in the time hole are climbable without special equipment.

4. What appeared to be another dogs head sculpture is situated  at the highest point also at the head of the Wogan Valley nearby. I have yet to get a photo  but it is very similar to this one which I will post shortly.
The valley also contains what appears to be a giant paw print about 19-20 inches set in sandstone which I will also post shortly.

5. The Capertee and Wogan Valleys and surrounds boast incredible wildlife; birds and marsupials, including never before to my knowledge documented striped kangaroos, orange coloured birds I have yet to identify and yellow tailed, black (gang-gang?) cockatoos. The Capertee Valley is the largest fully enclosed valley or gorge in the world and boasts the largest number of bird species anywhere in the world in one place according to official figures.

6. There is a sandstone wall I believe artificially created a few kilometers before the sphinx. The reason I believe it is artificially created is because it consists of blocks of sandstone and the beginning of it has crumbled with the blocks scattered about. It forms the rim of an elevated piece of land and was possibly to prevent subsidence on land which was used for farming/building.
(Picture coming.)

7. The large number of coal mines in the area have probably destroyed much of the relics of this huge area but many private farm holdings contain monuments clearly visible even on "property for sale" pictures.

Was coal itself laid down cataclysmicly the same cataclysm which destroyed this unargueably worldwide civilization?
We know without doubt coal is not the millions of years old it is claimed to be as many relics from identiable "recent" time periods have been found in coal seams.

8. I cannot help but be struck by the wisdom and intelligence of the 'sphinx' face, despite the crumbling and weathering. It appears to have the quality of a man in charge. Could it depict the face of the ruler of the world or at least the region at that time. Could it be that the ancients have seen the face of God, and replicated it? If not whose face would it depict instead? Remember it is facing squarely the middle line of the road as you approach it, which as stated and sourced, was there already when Europeans arrived.

9. A further note on the miners. This appears to be a 2 man party each time judging by the implements etc left behind and according to the local history this occurred everal times at the end of the 19th century and first half of the last century.  This was in all likelihood a live-in operation like the early gold mining days but the intriguing thing is there is very little work done at all. Could they all or a substantial number have met a similar chilling fate, disappearing into the time hole?

10. Could the time hole move? A log was placed across the track leading up to the base of ther hill on which it occurrs, which I removed. Now a log has been placed across the track on the other side of the head leading up to the sphynx. The feeling on going there last time was totally out of context for the previous visits. I'll leave it at that.

11. On private property a few kms. before the site is a still intact ancient retaining wall. The fact that it is man made and not natural , apart from the clearly discernable blocks put together is the fact that at the beginning of the wall and also at the other end to a certain extent which I haven't observed that end up close but the wall at this end has collapsed and there are cut stones scattered about on an otherwise flat piece land.
In the vicinity I met a woman who would fit the Atlantean legend, beautiful, not of this world, Nordic, super intelligent and understanding and one or two other things I won't mention....hmm.



Take pure spring water and drink it just before entering the circle to fully energise your body with the energy of the circle created thousands of years ago before the great flood.

Thirty five kilometres outside of Lithgow on the road to Mudgee keep your eyes peeled for the Sphinx to the left of the road and at the top of a head of land overlooking the road, and when you see it travel just a little way and you will come to the entrance and a track leading up a sharp incline right to it. 

This is just past the private boundary fence. The site itself is public property beyond that fence. the track entrance is directly opposite the sphinx but it will be hidden from view until you get to it at which point the sphinx is also not visible. You can walk if you don't have a 4x4 one you get to the steep incline its not far at all, just a little steep. Even some 4x4 will not negotiate the track because of a couple of huge potholes.

When you get there pray into the energy lines which intersect inside the circle, which you will find when you park your vehicle and walk upwards for the remaining distance. Pray for world peace. Remain in the circle in a peaceful position for at least 1/2 hour and you will retune your biorythmns with that of the earth from which you came. This will be of great benefit to you for the long term as well as the immediate short term.

These biorythmns have been knocked out of whack by modern living, particularly phone towers but the human body is very resilient and a stay in the circle will have long term benefits.

Do not venture to the other side of the mountain as there is a time hole there and this can be way more disastrous than mere fatality. I don't even want to think about the possible consequences. You have been warned. If you are sill enough to go there and the time hle is open do not take a camera.

 Both time holes and cameras work off electricity….if you get my drift. If it close while you are in it you can't say you weren't warned. There is evidence that 2 man black shale mining operations have disappeared there at various times.

Finally what of the sound levitation device? Given its size it was a significant device. What was it used for? As I may have said above, the entire mountain looks artificially made. Enough said.