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Ancient Megalithic Site

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This extraordinary ancient megalithic site which I discovered in 2009 while looking for another site, is all but unknown and even among those who do know it there is scarcely a one who has grasped its true meaning and significance.

 It is unique and has so many remaining features and wonders it will be impossible to describe them all in this short post, however I will try and list some of these.

I .  Giant Sphinx like face complete with "Egyptian" headress 
which most people strangely miss from a main NSW state highway (2 lane, outback).

2. Extraordinary eagle in flight, head and neck sculpture jutting out from top of a cliff, about 2 1/2 metres in length and 20-24 inches in diameter.

3. Ancient petrified battery I have in my possession similar to a modern car battery, with 4 copper plates equidistant, metal base and four petrified lids to each cell 
but larger, covering each entire cell, between the four copper plates. also a straight groove extending along one side of it (petrified) terminating at a metal section.

4. The far end of the site is an active time hole, so active that I have been in a future time on 2 out of 3 occasions I have gone there. The first time without knowing it. This is where the eagle head is situated and the look on its face even after all these years still appears, once you are aware of the nature of the time hole, to depict the sheer excitement of travelling through space AND time. Amazing sculpture!

5. A machine for, at least, possibly lifting rocks with sound waves, petrified with unrusted approx. 1/2 inch thick, round-edged metal half 'cups', parabolically cut, (sound wave emmanators?) still  perfectly accurately situated, protruding from one side of a perfect cube, approx. 3x4x4 feet and covering the entire  face, in perfect rows precisely the same distance from each other and from the surface itself, therefore they must still be securely anchored to metal inside the petrified surface. 
The cups themselves measure approximately 3-4 inches wide and 3-4 inches protusion from the petrified surface and 2- 2 1/2 inches between each.
 'X-ray?' of the block might reveal even more startling findings. This machine was confiscated after my first discovery. No known photograph exists except probably in Area 51 in the USA where it may have been taken.

6. Perfectly rounded water basins carved out of blocks of sandstone, at the entrance to and on two sides
 at 90 degrees to each other, of a 150' circle of stones (see below)  one water basin still had a thick stone lid perfectly squared and smooth on all sides, about 3 inches thick and roughly 16"X 12" covering it; 

7. Stone steps complete with stone sides leading from up from one water basin to the circle. 
The above water basins, lid, stone steps with stone sides, has since been destroyed by the powers that be, who often seem to know when I go there, and bombard me with chemtrails from the air within an hour or even sometimes before and after my arrival and departure.

Also  time and/or gravity machine, they are interrelated after all, was not photographed, thinking it would still be there next time since it has survived thousands of years already, but it wasn't and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible fearing the chemtrail bombardment.

I do have pictures of the large frog, the dog, (see below) and the eagle. 
 These will be uploaded shortly. Not the bowls and lid and steps which were destroyed after my first visit. 

 I  had used up all the battery power in my new camera not realizing it, just after I got to the site, on the first visit, and they were destroyed by my second visit.

 I noticed a sandy area which was covered in shoe prints on that second visit in a fairly inaccessible part of the site so I surmised that it must have been very recent  and that it was fairly thorough.

8.What appears to be almost identical people assembly areas on three sides of the circle, approximately on average 200 yards long and 50 yards wide gently rising to the circle, compose the remainder of the elevated site, which thus appears to be artificially created by these megalithic builders.

9. Large frog carving complete with eye sockets which themselves are about 8 inches in diameter at one 'entrance' to the circle.

10. Stone 'healing bed' with raised stone headrest beside a small stone cave, a short way outside the circle. This is similar in theme to a stone chair cut out of rock at the entrance to a similarly sized and tee pee shaped, stone cave found at a South American site.

11.Artifically carved water pool and spout allowing water to collect and fall as a waterfall, from one of the five stones of the circle (see below) and near to on the same large stone,

12. I think 2 large raised stones resting on 3 or four small points,as in many other sites worldwide and in Australia but usually on the ground, also situated as stated above on one of the 5 very large stones of the near perfect circle of 5 stones, and the one adjacent to the stone with the face with the Egyptian headress facing outwards.

13.Approximately 35 kms before this site is a tall obelisk like outcrop with a stone carved dog seated and facing outwards.
 I read somewhere that ancient civilizations placed a dog statue at the edge of their settlements to ward off evil spirits but could not recover that link to find his source. However if this was part of the original megalithic site and not the  Phoenician, which followed it, I am puzzled and more than a little intrigued to see how he could have known that.

14.The entire area hundreds of square miles, is littered with the stone remains of an ancient megalithic culture, most situated on private farmland but the area also contains a National Park, aptly called the Gardens of Stone National Park.

.There are many features in common with South American sites.

15.The sphinx carved rock (on one side) mentioned above, is one of a circle of 5 large stones, some of them massive on the outside but from within the near perfect circle, this is not as apparent. 
This circle is about 150 feet in diameter with an approx. 30 degree uniform slope towards the stone with the sphynx on the outside surface of it facing ,actually towards the road as you approach, but also you are directly in front of it when on one of the 3 assembly area slopes which rise to the circle.  

There is a square cut our behind the head on inside side of the rock ie. inside the circle, aboutr 4' X 2 1/2', as though some machinery had at one time been placed there. But that is just conjecture, as is the suggestion that it may have given the face a glow from the inside of one or different colour at night. Also the face may originally have been  coated with a paint/substance that resisted weathering, such as teflon today for example. Painting was established for the Egyptian monuments recently.

The circle has an energy which is healing and peaceful lying at the intersection of at least 2 ley lines and on the 33rd parallel.

 I believe these ley lines are connected in some way to the crucifixtion site at Jerusalem, where time HAS NOT speeded up, I can verify from personal experience,  as it has most other places in these end times.

 When the "rocks were rent"  by the earthquake at the moment of Christ's death this also  rent rocks at these sites around the world, connected to Jerusalem by these ley lines it is claimed and evidence exists of this. This site and many others around the world has clear examples of rent rocks some of which are massive.

These ley lines were a means and still are of spiritual energy communication to.... the surounding land and other places.

 I have gone here to pray into these ley lines, for this very reason but thats another story in itself.

Water when drunk just prior to entering or inside the circle greatly enhances the energizing effect within the circle, hence the water basins. 
The stone basins one complete with lid and the stone stairs appeared to me to be of a later time which I suspect was the time of the Phoenicians who subsequently discovered the site, however I could be wrong on that.

Water falling over stone as in above mentioned water pool and spout has a healing effect I was later  surprised to hear from  Dr Deagle in an unrelated comment to Rense and I buy that.

See another stone face on the above link almost identical to the claimed face facing the sky at Machi Pichu in South America. This particular picture  is turned 90 degrees and the face is actually facing the sky as well.

16.The entire site of the above stone circle from a Google map looks like a giant snake with its head lifting up and whirring around in startled and angry surprise at the circle which is its belly, as if something is landing there. A UFO perhaps? 
I don't doubt that they had them.

This circle representing the belly of a snake  is identical in theme to Avebury in England.

Thus just from the above info clear links can be seen to the Middle East, South America and England at this one site and this can be extended further to include the "Far East" if the entire area is taken into account as it has many 

17.'pagoda' like stone structures for which the area is known. 

The Phoenician link is also evidenced in names like Baal Bones Gap and Baal Bones Colliery.

Phoenician remains are evident all over the Australian continent and worldwide but I believe this site is originally much older, belonging to the Megalithic pre flood and even pre continental separation ( theory) period. The latter based on its similarity to artifacts found on large areas of the South American coast right opposite to it, separated by the Pacific.

If you cut out the continents from a world map you will see that they ALL fit together, not just the South american east Coast and African West coast, commonly acknowledged. How else to explain this?

"Pelag lived in the days the earth was divided" from the Bible Old Testament, Genesis.
Pelag means division or separation.

On anther site nearby the peak of a mountain has been carved into a teapot which is still clearly seen. This is on the same private property as the second stone face on the link.

Thus we see, in the eagle expression, in the snake expression and in the tea pot a brilliant sense of humour which exudes from this civilization.

The sphynx structure perfectly straddles the centre line of the road approaching it for a couple of kilometers, and thus is staring you directly in the face as you approach, yet most miss it, for the same reason they miss chemtrails and ufos  because they don't look up. Also because unless the sun strikes it from a certain angle it is hidden in shadow.

The early accounts of the explorers of the area state unequivocally that they FOUND the road, just as the early Europeans crossing the mountains leading to the road and continued as the road, state unequivocally in their diaries that they FOUND the 'track' over the mountains, which became the road we have today.

In the vicinity of the time hole, at the base and just outside it lies the remains of a (18.) large stone open pit fireplace roughly 9 feet by 3 feet showing the signs of great age and one flat stone still with a 1-2 inch round hole presumeably cut for a rotisserie, but which was used as recently as last century. 

The mostly rusted remains of metal and enamel cooking and eating utensils give this away as does the small black shale mining operation. 
Also discarded is the large shale mining machinery, approximatly 5 feet in diameter and the rusting heads of two shovels old fashioned but well made with their handles missing, obviously rotted away.

Why would these remains be left at a time which preceded our throw away society when these things would not normally have been discarded. Even today we would not discard these things.

Could the truth lay in the time hole? I shudder to think, but the circumstances make it more than likely.

The perfectly cut out cave with its exquisite shelter and alluring views (which is the only reason it would have been built) which DOES NOT even exist, except in the future, would be very alluring to 19th and early twentieth century miners. 
I have seen this cave in two stages of its construction. ie at two points in the future.
For some reason even though at one occasion, the first,  I did not even know I was standing in the future I could not take photos but when in the present this presented no problem at all and thus I was able to capture where the cave was cut from plain rock, as an extension into the rock of a natural ledge,  to presumeably take in the breathtaking views and above which is the eagle head mentioned above protruding from the top of the cliff face. 

This eagle head and neck in flight was present in both present, when there was no cave, and future times when the cave had been cut out, once in its finished polished form and one when  the sides and floor were still in rough form.

I have no idea how far into the future these episodes occurred but this link should provide some verification;

In the finished cave the sandstone sides were all polished like glass and made perfect right angles. I could not see the rear wall because of the angle I was standing and its depth but strangely in the unfinished cave the rear was not only visible but open, the cave seeming  much shorter in depth, also.

 Also there were two pieces of sandstone cut to a length of about four feet by 18 inches  cubed leaning vertically up against the entrance wall left side facing and one against the other. They looked for all intents and purposes as though they had been cut to be used as seats to be placed at the entance of the cave to take in the breathtaking views, but these were missing from the finished cave. 

Also in the finished cave time there were new looking galvanized steel mesh fences around some of the diggings of the miners but are not there in the present.
 The galvanized finish was smoother and very attractive and simple compared to todays galvanizing.

I conjectured that this was erected because they were at a loss to explain disappearances in the area, of people that the new cave had attracted and this may also explain why they removed the stone seats and blocked the back of the cave which is the easiest way in, but that doesn't explain its greater depth compared to the 'unfinished cave' time mentioned above. a puzzle.

At the current time there is just a small ledge jutting out from the rock face, as I said, naturally formed, from which the cave was extended into the rock.

 I have seen pictures of people standing on that rock ledge who must have abseiled down from the top. I would advise against this because of the danger of the time hole.

In the last chapter, which was removed by the publisher, of "Picnic at Hanging Rock" which  is about a school excursion to another ancient site, this one in Victoria, the explanation for the disappearance of the girls is given as a time hole, so I am surprised people still go there although most would not be aware of this.
This detail was also left out of the movie.

The time hole does not appear to include the rest of the site but it is difficult to pinpoint with accuracy its boundaries as the area is undisturbed by civilization and much of the future remains the same as today, however the trees on the far downside of the mountain appear to change in density quite a bit, from dense to semi sparse to sparse.

 A few are aware of the sphynx but not much else and some of the time hole. Most passers by appear oblivious. Very few mentioned it to a fruit stall that was once nearby, 30 kms away on the side of the road from which travellers would not see the sphinx (the only noticeable part of the site from the road below) because of their direction of travel.

The official line is that everything was carved by nature and even the locals buy it.

Some people who take stones from the site of the "Picnic at Hanging Rock " novel and film, experience bad luck with the stones and return them with apologies to the site managers, even by post. This is because they are alive with the spirit of an ancient civilization and the spirit will not be used in a selfish way, however if you treat the stones with the respect they deserve they will serve you well. I speak from experience on both counts.

One effect of the time hole on me personally appears to be absence of a sense of time especially when travelling. I can go from point A to point B and no matter the distance, when I arrive its as though I had just left a second ago. Exploring this phenomenon further while travelling I found its as though  I am in suspended animation as far as passing time goes. This effect however appears to be wearing off.

This ancient megalithic civilization appears to have been destroyed due to their own folly, but given its worldwide reach and length of days there is no reason to suspect evil in the society which built this particular site. On the contrary it appears to be very advanced in healing as well as technology (beyond our own)
and this can be ascertained even from the very rocks they left behind.

 I feel I know their soul well from this source alone.


I had a phone conversation with my brother following my first experience of the above mentioned cave in which I informed him of my intention to return on a specific date to explore ways into it as it was in an elevated position in a cliff face. Imagine my surprise when I returned to find it did not even exist.

His advice was to be careful and let him know immediately of my safe return otherwise he would be alerted to some accident and come looking for me.

In hindsight but for a very different reason, disappearing into a time hole, what a true concern it was.