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A Word on Our Past

australia and globally.

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      • A Word on Our Past.

    • From the centre rock of australia (not the exact centre) to the far extremes of the continent there was a map in ancient times of the energy lines that criss cross the country.

    • perhaps they explain that rock changing colours at sunset

    • perhaps they explain the legendary aboriginal 'walkabouts' and their fierce cultural energy and deep spiritual power

    • and perhaps they account for the time warps in places where these lines intersect, even place warps;- (

    • This land which the ancients, in far off lands, gifted as they were beyond our imagination, already preserved in their folklore as a land of fearful mystery.

    • This land comes down through the ages of time to us, still with its mystique intact.

    • This vast flat land still below us 8 hours into our intercontinental flight awes and inspires by its sheer size, apparent emptiness and fathomless energy.

    • It has not yet been conquered by the sheer numbers of human population, nor by the anti matter, anti energy, anti life of the nwo.

    • It still breathes as one with our soul.

    • To the ancients there was no such concept of conquest with regards to the land and this was carried on by the aborigines. You do not conquer your mother, your father, your friend.

    • From the ancient Phoenician mines and ports of Queensland and the vast  settlements in ancient times of the NSW Gardens of Stone National Park area, on the east Coast, to the north west corner  still untouched by modern man and places in between "along the track" we find traces of ancient man which are not aboriginal.

    • Traces of his spirit along with the stone, even we are guided by it.

    • This history speaks in hushed tones. Not all ears are friendly, therefore not all are worthy. There are those who would crush the life out of this history and crush even the very stones which tell us the story of the ancient past.

    • These are the souless ones, the empire of "The City".

    • These are the ones who would not let even nature speak, but  even today are in the process of a planned worldwide destruction.

    • The ancients were destroyed for less, much less, when they too exceeded their authority as custodians and sought mastery in unnatural ways.

    • Nevertheless before they reached that end they left a legacy

    • not all crumbled to dust,

    • not all buried in the sea,

    • not all rooted out and destroyed by modern civilisation.

    • So great is this legacy still intact that even at the modern world's end, in this vast land of continental proportions - Australia, new mining ventures may begin with an admonition to staff to hand in any artefacts found and keep mum about it, even on penalty sometimes but not always spoken of

    • death

    • Make no mistake.

    What a "wonderful"  world we live in.

    How did we get to this?  

excuse the awkwardness of spacing above. tried hard to correct it.