My Short Stories

If I were in govt .....

at the Federal level.

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I would, as a government, print the money required for the economy and lend it out interest free except for a small cost recovery fee.
I would end the suppression of hidden technology where it is of benefit to the average man. This encompasses the fields of energy, food, health, ergonomics, transport, safety, medicine, learning, archaeology, history and many more areas affecting humankind.
I would allow the self dependance of individuals on electricity, water, communications and without taxation.
I woud abolish land taxes on the family home except for the necessary municipal services.
Make grain milling and breadmaking equipment standard in every home, and ban the sale of commercially produced flour which has 23 of the 25 nutrients essential for a healthy life, removed to extend storage life longer than the three days it would otherwise last.
I would ban the deliberate manipulation of technology to limit the lifespan of any product or human.
I would consecrate the country, the government of that country and the economy , as well as the people to our Almighty creator God, the proof of whose existance is all around us even though much of it is currently being deliberately destroyed by worshippers of Satan who also obviously exists.
I would not deter any assylum seekers in genuine need in any country.
I would provide at taxpayer expense the care  with compassion, dignity and respect of
  prisoners, the sick and the mentally incompetent, the unemployed, the elderly and orphans and widows
I would plege the government to seek to work with all governments and demand of all governments to work towards the development of all nations fairly without discrimination, economically, socially, politically and religiously.
I would outlaw abortion and replace it with mandatory adoption to waiting families who cannot have children and  ban test tube babies.
I would prohibit the ownership or influence of the mass media, education, health, defence and government policymaking of any kind by vested interests. Advice is not influence.


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