My Short Stories

If I were in government .....

I would make the world a brighter one.

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*   I would ban outdoor advertizing except at the point of sale - unless it was of a community benefit but not politics or beaurocracy related, 


Visual pollution, mind altering distraction, brainwashing, invasion of privacy....disturbing the peace.


* I would remove useless speed humps, most roundabouts, except at busy, but not too busy (which would require traffic lights) intersections.

Both these  add to stress on both the car and the driver and passengers (not to mention critically ill or injured ambulance occupants) and thus contribute to the danger of accidents and not the other way round.

Similarly for speed cameras and traffic light cameras.

These should be replaced by highly visible red warning signs urging caution as this is a high accident, or a school  area. Sound simple?

I would completely revamp the current licence demerit point system replacing it with  with a three point system which would remain in force for the life of the driver.

1 point for an accident occasioning bodily harm that requires hospitalization, not just medical treatment.

2 points for a second offence and the loss of licence for 1 year during which the driver must undergo rigorous training and evaluation including attitudinal training to correct false perceptions or behaviour problems associated with dangerous  driving. However the driver must first be given the chance to show that it was indeed a genuine accident and not related to the above.

3 points for a third accident involving hospitalization and not just medical treatment; as long as  the above conditions are  met, the licence should be suspended for life.

If alcohol is related to the first two of the above a mandatory breathalyser start kit must be fitted to any car the offender drives for three years for the first offence and for life for the second.


It should be an offence for any municipal council to leave any roads in their jurisdiction in a bad condition, including bumpy roads.

Clocks on public display should mandatoryly tell the right time or be removed.






* When you put people first  -  everything else falls into place *