My Short Stories

The Psychiatrist.

charlie dimech

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Chapter 10.
The live special was broadcast around the globe.
The world was stunned. Many in disbelief that secret societies were anything but social clubs.
It had taken 5 years for the people, the willing journalists with a measure of independence, to get together to work on the show. They were given protection, the source of which was unnamed.
Liberal and democratic, labour and tory, you name it. These labels faded away as a unitary response was garnered from the multitudinous factions of politics in many countries around the globe. They were in a warlike mood and their representatives came together from around the globe.
Ironically they met in secret.
Unbelieveably this time they meant business. The NSW lead was followed and systematically the system of bankruptcy of so called third world nations was the first to go. All debts to world banking bodies were systematically cancelled and the banking system itself collapsed. The governments of each nation were given control of its finances to be put to the good of the taxpayers and not bankers.
The cancellation of all foreign debt meant that each nation could readjust itself and was easily able to meet the needs of its people. Starvation was eliminated overnight and health services and education were given top priority.
International trade was put on a more even footing and free trade was extended further. Every country benefited. The small nations benefited most.
All masons were placed under house arrest and the lower levels of freemasonry given a pardon.All higher levels wee jailed in separate compounds to normal criminal jails. These were those they had themselves intended for use against their dissenters.
Those who escaped were systematically tracked down and captured. Computerization aided the process of information gathering.
Masons were loathe to destroy documents and that made it easier.
An era of prosperity was entered into and nature itself seemed calmed and soothed.
Then the Pope was assasinated. His sucessor however was not allowed to take the throne. He was a secret mason and the election was found to be a fraud. A new pope had to be found. They found him in the speeches of Pope John- Paul II just three months prior to his death. He nominated his successor. He foresaw the events that took place.
This man was given a secret hideout from which he would strongly defend and nourish the true faith.
Alone at his beach house the psychiatrist couldn't help wondering if there were really a faith that was deep enough to care for everyones wounds.Like the incessant crashing of waves on the shore - he spotted a boat - he knew there was a God  who did so.
Another day another island, the professor of botany made his way slowly around the Mollucas Islands.
He thought he could discern a method in nature, a grand plan, one which could be copied not by science or literature but by music and art.
He congratulated himself on his analogy. but if music and art could copy natures grand plan it was botany and the natural sciences which would help point them in the right direction
. He was smug in his isolation-garnered hypothesis, knowing full well there was no one around to take it from him.
what would they think back at the botanical institute if they were told? Indignant? apathetic? Or just plain non-comprehending?
He thought he could write a thesis about it, and would call it "Botany, a Hand Guide to Music and Art."
The botanist, though you may think he was cracked - he spotted the psychiatrist -   was in reality quite normal.
It was  his chosen path, his chosen field which led him to discover the music and art in himself and nature. The vision that remained of his studies remained not just as facts, but as music; not just as notes but as art. The scientist in him was also a musician and an artist, and the molecules in infinite variety, his notes. He painted not what he saw, no. He was too in love with nature to merely copy it.
No one, not even the psychiatrist could, having been told beforehand, believed in the pain that came into his office day after day, like wave after wave, and he wondered at this too, he wondered and wondered, eventually it was the sound of the sea itself that soothed him, and the waves, endlessly crashing, endlessly caressing the sea shore.
The botanist came ashore.