My Short Stories

The Psychiatrist.

charlie dimech

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Chapter 5.
A helicopter began flying over our homestead. We thought nothing of it at first but then became concerned and doused the fire in the woodburning stove. We had explored this contingency also, and we now made our way up the path to a specially prepared hiding place which was discoverable only with a lot of luck and trouble, so thick was the surrounding bush and so well camoflaged  was our little hiding place. Even as we entered the area we were invisible from above. This was why we picked this particular spot. Because of the denseness of the surrounding vegetation the hut itself was concealed. Four bunks, a gas stove, cupboards, 2 chairs, a table, a stocked pantry, this is what the hut consisted of.
We heard the helicopter land in the clearing then its motor die. The forest again became eerily silent. They were there about two hours. then we heard the motor start up. The noise got higher as it lifted into the air and then quickly diminished into a far away drone. We had been discovered. A two hour search could reveal nothing else. We waited a further four hours before we ventured out. It was well into mid afternooon. I alone at first. They spotted our getaway as far as the trail but could not trace us once we left it and were in the bush. There was no attempt to venture into the surrounding bush. It was too thick and they would have become immediately disoriented and lost as I had been at first, and on one or two subsequent occasions. I followed the path back to the house which was left untouched. I searched everywhere I could for bugs. In the surrounding bush, on the verandahs. I did not bother checking inside the house as it was locked and remained so, windows included, with no sign of forced entry - they obviously saw us leave. There was a message however, stuck to the ground with a bamboo pike.
"Freemasonry will not be tampered with." It read. " It is sacred and whose tradition goes back even before Jesus Christ, can wipe you off the face of the earth with one easy clunk." It was signed with a skull and crossbones. We were sunk. I called the others and when they returned I checked inside the house just in case. They had gone under the house. I hadn't reckoned on that, and placed 7 bugs, two in each room and one in the vicinity of the kitchen. They must have been of the very powerful sort. When we removed the bugs we knew we were  safe from prying ears. We waited to see what further action they would take. We were at least hidden from the public and press at large, but isolated we were more vulnerable to them. They were loathe to do anything which might expose their secrecy. In this we were safe. We had exposed them like no one had ever exposed them before, we thus had a kind of immunity from harm. They placed the bugs to try our next move.That was all. There was also the intimidation, but they would go no further, as this would belie their cause, that of secrecy. they waited for the wind to blow over.