My Short Stories

The Psychiatrist.

charlie dimech

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Chapter 4.
The psychiatrist grew constantly aware and day by day that the framework within which he had to work was disintegrating.that is the social structure and rules of society. Those in power had abused it for so long they were no longer capable or even willing to uphold the rule of law and the integrity of justice - the constant changes to the law reflecting this. Law and order still exists in our society but in a very basic, offensive and animalistic fashion; as any politician will tell you worldwide....we aquiesce because we are afraid, but we are afraid because we aquiesce.
The people feeding you your news care about as much as a bucket of excrement for your understanding of world events, for your ability to get the most from your environment, for your enlightenment and your participation in the democratic process, for your posession of real knowledge, real facts, the truth of events ie the true meaning of events, the truth of processes behind the events, the real content of what men of importance are doing, and hence its real application and meaning in your life, and trust me a bucket of excrement cares very little.
Today, if you must, as you listen to the news, try to  be entertained by it. but don't expect to grasp what is happening and why, get your mind out of the rut it is in for one minute and don't believe anything on its face value; but rather, in the context of the above information - you are being dumbed down, smarten up.
Feminists, one of the creations of Freemasonry, ie women who can't get a real man, were boring their little fingers into the hate machine and annoying the shit out of the whole of society. they all felt inadequate.
The TAB was gone. It went when they allowed phone bets to bookies on-course whose numbers increased dramatically. Only mugs would continue to play the TAB. The choice was chalk and cheese - for breakfast.
Equality between the sexes equates to humanitarianism, not feminism.
It is the love between men and women which makes families, which makes the world go round. Feminists have crossed a boundary where this love is now hard to find.
The psychiatrist was piecing together the threads which led to his enmigration.He was set up. Because he had more than once got in their way, those who have their tentacles everywhere, who have the whole world at their disposal, but who have no soul.
The question why, was posed by the God-man, Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago but he didn't answer it, as we each must. " What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" Was this the age to which he was referring, for only now is it possible perhaps? again, that question must be answered, in all truth and honesty.
The set up was carefully contrived. They knew his honesty and integrity would provoke the response it did from the criminal organization and the politicians who were in its employ. But what was he to them? Small fry, surely.
 Even then he had begun to put together a profile on this secret, vile, and he knew destructive  organization. which hung like a black cloud over the whole of humanity.
And he was popular with Oprah Winfrey.It was only a matter of time before he spilt what he knew, they surmised. but this didn't stop him.
Even now he was doing via satellite link up another  Oprah Winfrey show which would give even more power to his expose than before these incidents. His very exile increased, not decreased his profile.He simply wanted to highlight the facts. and he was going to succeed. hence the need for a little hideaway, not found on any record, on any council map or index (we wrongly thought) my place became a refuge.
But the Channel Ten Studios in Pyrmont were doing the hook up. Then he would be whisked away under cover to a secret location before our rendevous  in Anitas sailing boat which would bring him home.
America was in the grip of a conspiracy to create out of the dust and ashes of a Third World War, a war in which the co-conspirators thought they would be insulated in their underground caverns with their slave populations, some say, already in place, a One World government. Cash would be replaced by an invisible bar code inserted on a microchip on the right hand or on the forehead.
this dehumanization of the human race was their master, Lucifer's goal, witness abortion and experimental genetic work with aborted faetal tissue, doctors killing defenceless children en masse,and they call themselves doctore, mothers killing their own children, they cal themselves mothers, 80% od society condoning it, including the guardians of that society. Do they think justice will not prevail - and that what goes around will surely come around?
How can society live with itself? It can't and it doesn't. Society is a jail of criminal , for the most part, guilt ridden and self hating.
It was some time after the sucessful rendevous. The psychiatrist was asleep. I wandered off. I slipped the boat from its moorings and went fishing. that was my answer, fish. What would be caught. would it be us.
We found peace and happiness within ourselves and that was the meaning of our existence. - to hold onto it.Unlike the fish at the end of the line if we were caught, that didn't change. It only heightened it and cloaked it in courage.. Death itself was the crown, and perserverence the sceptre. Final perserverence the orb, and Heaven the Kingdom. Amen.
If there was no after life why bother with this one. In happiness, in peace, in love, you were connected with this afterlife, so you knew it existed. It was the internal development of the soul through this knowedge and practice that made this life worth living.
I pulled in several trout. It was a quiet night. The river was peaceful, although the tide was quite strong. I stood there for several hours on deck. I was in a pensive mood tonight and just as the sun was beginning to come up over the clouds on the horizon, I finally concluded we had set the ball rolling. We had to leave it to others what they would do. I headed back.