My Short Stories



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the leaves
of the forest
bore you
as you gently
to the earth
were born
nestled on pines
high up
in the mountains
you relayed
your desire
and become
one with man
a lifelong quest
begun then
to the earth
was you command
to the earth
you were farmed
a lesson learned
you walked the earth
you stooped
to give birth
to a gentle fire
within your soul
once leapt higher
to your goal
it became
simple now
is my story
a love ablaze
for mankind's glory
but in the diminuition
of the folly
a snail escapes
the foot of Holly.
but bend the back
of acrimony
face to face
for love ablaze
volcanoes lie
tempers roar
in a hush
mankinds poor
but doesn't blush
give them more
to heal the rush
open the door
its jam fust
let it melt
to your trust
evaporating out
with the sunlight
theres no lust
take your seat
on the temple floor
mount on carrion
of wingless praise
to the height
a whispered word
by the prophet
will take you to
the world so crushed
hold on tight
the future's born
but only in the poets form
and only after twilights scorn
I can see poppies
and they can see me
flying fast and furious
will we alight on the sea?
the Opera Barn
stood on the mountain
music flowed from that fountain
ringing out into the country
flowing and echoing
down into the valley
of dreams
the jungle trees are clothes forgotten
of the earth naked and rotten
for nothin but the greed of loggin
little sparrow where do you sigh
when to the trees you say goodbye
do you fly up to the sky
for a litle while, then you die?
oh little birdie sing to me
i've nothing but a logged tree
to remind me of the sweet melody
of the place where you have been