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Angels singing Halleluia.

Ancient and modern glories in Australia.


Annual Immaculate Heart of Mary Miracle in Ontario Canada.

Nineteen Story High Cross in Texas.

"Take your country back!"

Paddy Kelly . "Father."

Aimee Elizabeth and the Angels


american detention camps under martial law

Dead Palestinian boy used as target practise by IDF in front of his parents.

Germany/Palestine - 1940/2009.

WTC-2. "Its a military plane!"

Susan Boyle - "Cry me a River."

State Department - near east section.

Muslim terrorism ??

1962 visit to Mars -Video.

Zionist Israel - What the world should know.

Can you turn a blind eye to this?

wow!........imagine that!!!!

Why the 'state' of Israel was created - according to a British PM.

Why the latter moon landings were faked.

A Christian holacaust-one of many.

The Bailout Bubble

Chronological Expose of Zionist rise to World Power.(2007)

Hollie Steel - Britains go Talent, living up to her name.

Rothschild family's step by step takeover of the world.

The Decline of the Catholic Church since Vatican II

So - this is Zionism?

Early Church (350AD) martyr- St Silvan. Body still perfectly preserved.

real jew news

The Russian government is best placed to lead the war against the freemasons.
this will be a bloody war
but victory goes to the intellect 
not to the sword
to intelligent planning
to intelligence apparatus
guided by divine light
upheld by choirs
defended by thrones
coordinated by archangels 

This will be a war that will be definitive,
the war that is won only by the total destruction of the enemy beyond hope of raising its head - 
for a thousand years

note this is not a war against culture, race, place or soveriegn nation
but a war to preserve culture, race,place, economy and sovereignty

from financial enslavement
from meglamaniacs in the financial industries
which hold the world in a choke hold
through their ignorance by which they would perish if not for the counter attack
by those without ignorance
without fear
and without mistep

this war will be short lived
the great leveller

a "feast on the flesh of kings
the flesh of captains
the flesh of strong men
the flesh of horses and their riders
the flesh of all men free and slave
great and small...
and all the birds were glutted with their flesh."

19: 18-21 Rev.

The New Jerusalem  is the new Eden,
brighter and with greater splendour than the original garden, 
where Jerusalem stands today.

Putin, the great monarch
through the affirmation of the people
will assist the right hand of God
to accomplish all needed for this victory

a victory of the thrice holy God
the glory is His,
the rider of the white horse 

corruption eats itself
rotting from within
but the right is the real strength
strong to die
strong to live again

....the earth will live again
and all who live
will live in peace.

the lord is moving strongly
move in him.


Behold, I send you out to shine a light into the darkened places of the not afraid.