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Given by Mary, Mother of God to Sister Justine Bisqueyburu.

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-and two errors in the pruduction of the Red Scapular.
which nullify or greatly diminish the tremendous graces which were destined to the wearers or keepers of these scapulars. Why? Because all is dependant on obedience, as our part of the contract, and it is disregard for the truth as given by the seers through whom these holy scapulars were given which is the essence and root of this disobedience.
Now a description and explanation of these errors: -
Included in the description of  the green scapular, which she saw Our Lady holding, in the apparition, was this attribute - which is missing from the image made of her Immaculate Heart, on the reverse side -
"a heart all ablaze with rays more dazzling than the sun, and as transparent as crystal." (p22)*
Everything else on this side of the scapular appears to be correct.
+ + In a letter to Sister Buchepot, regarding the engraving of the plates for the Green Scapular Sister  Justine had this to say regarding the front of the scapular  "it seems to me that it has no rays proceeding from the hands of the Blessed Virgin and reaching to the hem of her garment. And however it seems to me that that is the way she appeared...I told you I would say all: I want to keep my word. Do not speak of this to Father Adadel I would rather tell him myself, because I fear he thinks I have have not enough confidence in him, for which he has already reproached me."
And she asked that they should send her the picture of the scapular that she might add to it with a led pencil the rays as she saw them at the last apparition. (p27)*
Can there be any doubt?
With regards to the production of the scapular itself she had this to say after a one year delay.
"We cannot lose any time." (p27)*
As this was obviously referring to the proper making of the
Scapular, I must repeat 160 years later   "We cannot lose any time!"
The differing length of rays, we are told by Sister Justine issuing from OL's hands, on the front of the Scapular, and from her heart, on the reverse of the Scapular denote the differing amounts of graces due to the differing  levels of confidence the wearers would have.
Does this not then suggest that these should be included on the Scapular?
I believe these differing levels of confidence are themselves direct graces which Heaven has deigned to be given to the wearers/keepers of this scapular through this aspect of the Scapular, to draw down upon the wearer supernatural graces - and hence it is a necessary part of the Scapular,  and this has been omitted.
Together with the proper inscriptions still to be applied to the Red Scapular; - on the front "Holy passion of OL Jesus Christ protect us" *  ( not - Holy Passion of OL Jesus save us)and on the reverse "Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Pray for us" (not - Sacred Hearts of Jesus and mary protect us.) these represent significant, powerful intercessory gifts for our time, when mankind is near peril. Indeed it can be said that this peril is already upon us. And this is the reason they were given.
It is simple and legitimate, in light of these findings to draw in the rays on the green scapular, back and front, with a  fine green felt pen. Also it is a simple matter to cover the second line at the bottom of the red scapular back and front with a blank white sticker cut to size on which is clearly written, on the front,  protect us , and on the back,  pray for us. And thus the above invocations * which includes the existing first line on the scapula front and back will be portrayed as was originally intended and which as part of the devotion may be piously said.
Words could never in this life  begin to describe the graces I have received by doing this.
The below pamphlet on the red scapular or Scapular of the Passion as it is also known , acknowledges, in print ,the correct wording given to Sister Apolline Andriveau, alongside images of the front and back of the scapular incorporating  the incorrect wording (as I have given above).....without comment, the mind boggles!

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