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The PA Massacre is a tumor on the body of Australia. A malignant growth. Not that it was carried out, but that it was carried out to advance an agenda not in Australia's interests. The agenda is that we as a people will not exist  freely in our own nation. There are plans afoot for this nation which don't include our liberty.
Already there is no free press.
There are no rights of the unborn.
There is very little political freedom.
The judiciary is barren of any real justice, and deliberately so.
The cost of housing is a joke.
Even to consider allowing so called 'genetically modified' seeds to be planted in this country is a crime against humanity. Yet this has already been done.
All food and water, soap and toothpaste even is deliberately contaminated. As an example - proper research would not result in fluoride being added to the water supply or toothpaste. It is banned in most places in the world. the ignorance is ours not theirs.
This tumor must be removed.
It represents a power over us which is unacceptable both for the present and the future.
We must root it out.
This power grows by the day in response to security measures designed not to make us secure but to enslave us.
Terrorism  does not exist apart from the terrorism which governments use to enslave us.
The Port Arthur Massacre, London bombings, 911, the Bali bombings, Oklahoma, Waco, Rub Ridge, William Cooper, JFK, MLK, RFK, the list is endless and timeless -Bolshevik Revolution, French revolution, English revolution, Great Depression, current imminent depression. All these processes are part of a demonic agenda with willing human participants gleefully seeking to enslave humanity. Their ultimate triumph will be the microchipping of all people on the planet.



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