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Logical Discussion of the Two [end-time] Witnesses.

By Charlie Dimech.

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A logical discussion of the two end time witnesses,  discussed in detail in both the old and new testaments begins with their death
..... the world rejoices!
What then, you may ask , was the point of their witness as described in Revelations 11:3-13.?
But did not the same occur with Christ?
There are many parallels with the life of Christ, both before and after the death of the two witnesses, as stated in Revelations .
 Their death is part of the whole witness, and is given meaning by their 3.5 year witness, before their death, as was Christs death given meaning in the eyes of the world by his prior witness.
 They are of God.They can only be a witness to God,  hence they are in reality, Christ-like. This is their witness.
 Because of mans sinfulness, like Christ, it takes their death, resurrection and ascension to complete their witness, from which, like their Master, Christ Jesus, miracles of grace and conversion overflow onto the world.
" ......and the rest were terrified and gave glory to God." (Revelations 11:13.)
"....and Gods sanctuary in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen in his temple. And there followed lightnings and voices and thunder peals and an earthquake and a great hail." (Revelations 11: 19)
The reason I believe they are Enoch and Elias is that St Paul tells us that
"it is given to man to die once and then comes judgement."
All have died, including Christ himself and his Holy Mother.
Enoch and Elias did not die but ascended to heaven alive, according to the Old Testament. 
As Christ says. "No one is greater than his master..."
Christ died, therefore it is logical to assume that these two prophets of the old testament in accordance with scripture must return to the earth as the two witnesses and be put to death.
Also having gone to heaven alive they can be more properly called two witnesses , for they witnessed God in  his glory, before tasting death. This is a valid point,  a valid explanation and definition I believe  of the term "two witnesses". There are no other people who fit this category.
 Finally their already established exalted status, whilst on earth, which resulted in their being taken to heaven alive qualifies them to be true witnesses, as described in the Bible, - "the two olive trees", and  - "two lampstands".  
They already exist at the time of writing of Apocalypse (Revelations) and even the writing of Zacharias in the Old Testament because they already
 "stand before the Lord of the whole earth" (Rev. 11:4. Zacharias 4:14)) 
meaning also,  by association  that they are of the earth and not originally heavenly beings.
And lastly, their ascension.
This is unique, and is qualified by their unique status of having prior been taken up to heaven, before tasting death, all those years ago, and having to return to take up their witness.
Nothing can be clearer than that they are the two witnesses of St Johns Revelations.
"And he (Henoch)
walked with God,
and was seen no more:
because God took him."
(Genesis 5: 24)
    Enoch being taken up into heaven
"And as they went on,
walking and talking together,
behold a fiery chariot,
and fiery horses
parted them both asunder:
and Elias went up
by a whirlwind into Heaven."

(4 Kings 2: 11)
 Elias being taken up into heaven

The two witnesses are also mentioned in the old testament as if they already exist; in  Zacharias  4: 3 and 12-14 described as the two olive trees, 'the two sons of oil which stand before the Lord of the whole earth."