My Short Stories

Personal Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


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Let us begin then with my part. I shall take care of you and your interests.  For that, it is necessary for you to leave absolutely everything in my hands - your soul, your body, your life, your health, your family, your business, in a word everything. I wish to arrange all that according to my plan, and for that I require a free hand. you must not be keeping an eye on me and what i do, nor demand any account from me, even though you may not understand the reason for my actions in your affairs, even though at times they may seem to hurt you. If at times you may have to grope your way blindly on, then you will have the consolation of knowing that you are in safe hands. When you hand everything over to my keeping, you must not want to have everything arranged according to your wishes; ut rather i must arrange everything as it seems best to me. You see only the present; but I see the future. Hence solutions which seem very suitable for the present may turn out quite disastrous in the long run. There will be occasions, too, when I shall deliberately permit the upset of your plans in order to test your faith and your trust, and to increase your merit. I do not mean by all this, however, that you are to surrender yourself to a sort of fatalistic quietism and simply neglect all your spiritual affairs. You must take as a fundamental guiding principle those words of the gospel which read "When you shall have done all these things that are commanded you, say: We are unprofitable servants." (Luke xvii. 10) In everything you must make just as much effort as if success depended on you alone, and then say to me with humble trust: " Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in my weekness I have done all that I can; the rest I leave to you." When you have prayed thus, set aside all uneasiness and enjoy peace and calm.
As I have just said,  you must hand over to me  everything with absolutely no exceptions. Those who make exceptions do not trust me.
Place in my hands: your eternal salvation, your glory in heaven, your progress in goodness, your faults, your wants, everything. There are persons who are also worried, fearful, and discouraged in the spiritual life. If that is the result of serious sin, then it is as it should be. The state of sin is indeed so wretched that, no matter what the cost, you must leave it. Make a big effort, come hurrying to me with all speed, and I shall assist you. Go to confession often, every week if possible, for that is an excellent remedy. Moreover, if you have a sincere desire to amend your life, great faults are not an obstacle to consecrating yourself to me. For the consecration itself will be an excellent means of extricating yourself from that state.
there is another class of people not in serious si, but nevertheless are always gloomy and downcast, because they feel they are making no spiritual progress. Now, I do not approve of that; do whatever you can then leave it all in my hands. Heaven is a beautiful garden which must be complete with every variety of plant. Not all can be bright exotic blooms. there must also be more subdued kinds. Offer yourself for this place. All these worries and anxieties, in persons who do not sin seriously, proceed from their seeking their own honour more than mine. You must strive ernestly but peacefully, because, because haven't you already agreed that you are to surrender all your interests to me? So you must not forget that I shall accomplish all the work of your perfection much better than you would yourself.
I shall take care of your health and life. these, too, you must entrust to Me. I know what is best for you; you do not. Take the ordinary means to preserve or restore your health. Lay aside all groundless fear and anxiety, and leave the rest to me.
Parents, wife, husband, children, brothers and sisters, relatives. These are persons who find no difficulty in offering themselves to me, but who balk at confiding to me some member of their family for whom they have a special love. these people say sometimes that they have no difficulty themselves in suffering, but that they cannot bear to see their loved ones suffer. they think that consecration to me and immediate suffering for all those connected with them are one and the same thing. I wonder where they got that idea? A genuine and sincere consecration has the effect of lightening the crosses which all must carry in this world.
Possessions, business, career, occupation, employment, home. I do not ask all who love me to give up all these things, though, for some, I do ask that. I only ask them to leave all in my hands, after they have taken every reasonable means to ensure sucess. I want you to make me a complete present of your prayers and acts to distribute as I wish. I know those who are in most need of help. This free gift of yours does not, of course, prevent you from offering up prayer for cetain people as obedience, charity or piety may demand on occasion.
You must then give into my care with full confidence everything you posess, for me to dispose of as i wish; and although i do not wish you to make this consecration from motives of self-interst, yet you will find that on the whole your affairs will turn out better, although sometimes, indeed, I shall test your confidence and permit results to fall short of your expectations. Your concerns will prosper in proportion to the zeal you show in promoting my interests. the more you think of me, the more will I think of you. The more you occupy yourselves with my interests, the more will I occupy myself with your interests. the greater care you take of my affairs, the greater shall I take of yours.
Do not be like those who make themselves the centre of the universe; forget yourself and remember only me.



Printed in booklet form in Victoria, Australia by Progress Press Group.