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Atlantis or Earth?


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I went to the National Australia Bank on the corner of Compton and Ferguson Place in East Sydney and withdrew a safety deposit box.
 It contained the maps of Desmond Ray, the American self proclaimed geologist who had also claimed to have discovered the whereabouts of  Lasseters Reef.
Time was of the essence.The known gold reserves in Australia were harnessed by melting them down and goldsmithing them into rings and chains.This was so they would not have to be removed from the body and hence lost or worse.....
The government was moving with astonishing rapidity. As on a war footing.
Lasseters Reef would also be mined.
The aborigines in charge of that area of land where the reef was located had to decide what was best for their Australia.
They decided for the present, not the future invaders and so, with the approval of the elders  and by secret ceremonies the curse on the discovery of the reef was lifted.
And so began the boldest mining operation in Australia's history. Not for wealth alone, but for survival.
Then we were invaded by Indonesia.
Kurdistan and Palestine however gained their independence during this time, and many other political changes were taking place in the world.
Were the Atlanteans behind the Indonesians, like many in the West believed? Were the Russians  behind the Atlanteans? Were the Russians the Atlanteans?
What was going on behind the scenes? Little was available in the press to account for the political machinations.
Indonesia retreated after we had promised to allow them fishing rights in Australian territorial waters, which was now considered Australian/Indonesian territorial waters.
They were also paid off in a substantial amount of gold mined from Lasseters Reef.
The aboriginal elders of that area of land were said to wear a perpetual grin after that deal, and were given 50% of all mining  on condition that it was shared equally amongst all their fellow race no matter in what part of Australia or overseas they resided.
 They decided  to release all curses from all areas and persons both historical and current, and placed a ban on further curses, helping to free both themselves and whites, to live  peacefully together, with mutual respect and co-operation.
Atlantis  disappeared ..... for a second time ...... or so it seemed - and Russia itself developed into a first rate economic/ political power -  acting sucessfully as mediator in many international disputes, and  regained their title of 'Holy Russia', which had been expunged from the history books by the Bolsheviks and their sucessors, the Communist Party of Russia.
A saying went abroad:
 "Let all men live in peace ........ from the northern lands to the southern continents!"....
 Bigfoot came out of the shadows. 
Banks became the sole property of the depositors and were guranteed by the Government of the country which issued the money supply, without interest through the banks as loans for industry and domestic use.
Usuary was abolished.
The earth prospered, all nations, races and cultures.

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