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The Meaning of War


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The Meaning of War

Modern wars are conducted by banks. Territorial conquest is a thing of the past. Today it is all about financial conquest. 

The aim and end result, despite the propaganda is to submit both the conquered and the conquering countries to financial and economic slavery.

Modern wars are not conducted on behalf of regimes – countries. These are just the proxies which the banking king pins use to maintain their control over all life on earth for their own enrichment and aggrandisement.

It is the same for operations at home. They are not to maintain order and prevent chaos they are to maintain the suppression of the home population to the whims and fantasies of their banker overlords on Wall St and the  ”The City” within a city, in London, curiously about the size and shape of the Vatican.

This is a battle of two cultures.

The culture of humanity versus the culture of rich bankers.

This battle which has its historical roots in the temple of Jerusalem is only in the last 300 years coming into its own, using entire nations as their battering rams to get what they want and subduing both sides to their economic and financial, mental and emotional, “culture”. Their power derives from the working of Satan in humanity.

It was never legitimate, and was allowed only by the weakness of their adveraries – us.

So when you sign up for the military, for black projects, for the police, for Homeland Security, for the alphabet soup agencies, for a United Nations, EU or Nato position,  know who it is you’re serving, what their agenda is, always has been and always will be.

It has never been the United States, it has never been for world peace, much less Europe or Britain. It has been for the International Cartel of Banks created for the sole purpose of suppressing humanity.; ALL of humanity, regardless of race, colour or creed, to serve the gods of money and the gods whom those gods serve, the identity of whom is better left unsaid.

All media serves this purpose, all food additives, GMO’s….they don’t eat them, all surveillance, all law enforcement. It has nothing to do with culture, health, safety or security. It has nothing to do with the maintenance and growth of civilization. Just the opposite.

Thus we are, and can only be at war with them; never subservient to them, as this is not in our own best interests, but our worst interests. We must use cunning and call down on them the wrath of an almighty God who is swift to act and slow to take offence at our failure to call on Him.

It is necessary to know all the above, because it is coming to a climax. Either they will totally enslave us now with silent electomagnetic weapons, and judging by the response to the best articles on this forum and the worst, they already have…..or we will fight back with the armour of fasting, obedience to the Ten Commandments and prayer. The tripod of victory.

Jesus is our go between. He has paid the price of our failure, and will redeem us when we call on Him.