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The Revelation of the Ark of the Covenant.


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Jeff Rense is not what you would call a force for change. Nor can anyone in the alternative media with any significant reach hope to achieve that.


Forces for change only occur in the media when they support the establishment and move that change in the direction the establishment wants it to go, at least in the West.


So what has the alternative media achieved?


Two things. Two very important things.

Information and independence.


The information has allowed the independence to grow and establish itself to the point that those who were, to begin with antiestablishment, can survive amidst the machinations of the NWO. 

That is very important.


In religious terms these would be parled as ‘the remnant’.


But a force for change is indeed necessary if we are to achieve anything beyond this group.

This force would need to be outside the clutches of the establishment, other worldly.


To date there appears to be known extra dimensional and extra-linear time dimension forces operating in the service of the establishment, albeit in pursuit of their own agendas.


There is also an extradimensional God force acting against the establishment. 


Because it is a God force it will win, if we are to believe we are in the end times, so patience may seem a little far fetched to ask for some, but not really out of the question or out of the ball park, for others.


We do not expect the Ark of the Covenant to be brought out to lead us into battle, even a spiritual one, as did the Israelites of old, where it became the standard bearer which led them to victory after victory against their enemies despite the odds.

Yet we are facing the same battle they fought. 


The Ark contained the Ten Commandments, which was why it was built, and so that it could be the Seat of God in his presence amidst his people which was where the real power came from, and these same Ten Commandments are the very enemy which  the NWO is trying to vanquish so they can set up their society in worship of Satan.


This is stark facts here; stark reality.


The consummation of this very antithesis of God and His Law, embodied in these Ten Commandments, is the microchip or Mark of the Beast with which Satan intends to claim his own. ie. by the function and acceptance of that function of the microchip through its voluntary implantation.


Thus it is necessary to understand that  the Ten Commandments and associated Ark, and the microchip that Satan intends to use against them is where the battle for souls is silhouetted.


This is a great inducement for us to believe that the Ark of the Covenant will once again be revealed to the whole world, for whom Christ has died. even as only a symbolic gesture, since its discovery intact and containing the items listed in the bible and the associated inner sanctuary temple furniture.


Thus  this symbol is still tangible and must be accompanied by the Cross of Jesus, which is the fulfilment of the law via his sacrifice, prefigured by the ancient animal sacrifices associated with the Ark.


Christ cannot come again in the flesh, but the Ark is still here as a reminder of the law which he came to fulfil, therefore it should be be revealed on earth along with the original stone tablets containing the words of the Ten Commandments, written by the very finger of God, in  these end times, prior to its transport to and revelation in and from  Heaven, as revealed in the book of Revelations . (Apocalypse 11:19.)


We are told also in countless prophecies, not least the last prophet ( that His cross ie a physical vision of his cross will be seen by all in the sky.


These then are the symbols or  some of the symbols which will accompany the testimony of the saints as they preach the Gospel throughout the whole world.


"and god's sanctuary in heaven was opened and the ark of his covenant was seen in his temple, and there followed lightnings and voices and thunderpeals and an earthquake and a great hail." Revelations 11:19.