My Short Stories

A New Beginning.

  -  but not from the ashes of the old.

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When we look at the world we see all kinds of things.

In the natural world we see perfection and the meaning of perfection.

In the man made world we see entropy; the very opposite of this divine perfection and beauty, itself awe inspiring and incomprehensibly wonderful in the full meaning of that word.

This disconnect between the man made world and the natural world is not part of the plan of the creator. Indeed the entropy of the man made world is leading inexorably to the destruction of the fragile but perfect world that exists in nature.

Therefore it is obviously not meant to be, and is the end result and proof of mans, albeit divinely created,  free will.

I was speaking to an Ethiopian just yesterday and he claimed that they are all well aware of the deal with the NWO; something which most people in the West haven't a clue about.

This explains to me why they are being attacked, why they are considered the enemy. 
And this is supported by the article in the alternative press I read today where a veteran was beaten and arrested for doubting the official 911 story, on Facebook. The link, with photo of injury, in police custody is below  ***.

Of course only those who are aware of the NWO and what its real nature is, will not want to be part of it.

 Hence the war on the Middle East; a war on knowledge,  a war on discernment, a war on resistance.

My Ethiopian friend was equally scathing of China whom he accused of using their new found influence in Africa to bring the Africans into the New World Order and surprisingly Russia also whom he accused of great human rights violations and destruction of human life in Chechnya; lumping both countries into the NWO camp with just a seeming division between them and the West where their interests do not coincide.

Oh happy days for the world - not!

Given this they await the Madi I presume, though this was not discussed.

I have a different perspective but it runs parrallel, and it is this.

That the creator God will not allow the creation to be destroyed.
 That he will not allow mans free will to destroy what his free will has created; that Christ has atoned to all of creation for mankinds choices and as a result there will be a new beginning which will not come from the ashes of the destruction, like the rising phoenix, but will descend from heaven, as it states clearly in the Holy Book, the Bible.

We await this new beginning not in 100 years time or even 15 years time according to the thinking of my Ethiopian friend, but in three years time, and the reason is simple; the destruction will accelerate into a freefall and the world does not have 15 years even, it only has three left. 

This also is in accordance with prophecy and the last prophet. 
Again, not Mohammad as my Muslim friend claims, but Maria Divine Mercy, a European Union woman whose website containing daily messages of preparation for mankind, directly from God and Mary, Christs Mother, for these end times and the New Beginning, is;-



*** Veteran beaten and arrested for questioning the official 911 story.