My Short Stories

The problem with accepting the status quo is that you will then accept the antichrist.


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If you cannot separate yourself from the status quo how are you going to separate yourself from the antichrist?

Those who say, "those who reign over us" even if they pretend to be disillusioned are not really, otherwise they would never use those words.

You are either a part of the system or you are just dealing with it in one form or another for survival. 

If you belong to the latter you would never use those words.

 You have stayed true to your inner self. 

You love truth and thus truth has set you free from that dominion.

This truth does not rely on the alternative media which is corrupt and stupid on a good day.

It comes from within yourself

"The Kingdom of God" [truth] is within you, Jesus says in the gospels, which contain all the words of life, if you read an uncorrupted King James or pre 1965 version.

The antichrist will not be a jarr ie. shock to the system, although he will pretend to.

He will come to fulfil their filth and vile corruption; just as Christ came to fulfil all truth - the law - the ten commandments.

Learn what adultery means. you will see it includes homosexuality, gluttony, pornography and many other things sanctioned by the system the antichrist will represent.

Evil always announces itself as good, for man is spiritually and intellectually drawn
 to good, but is so easily corrupted by falsehood.

If evil announced itself as evil, it has already defeated itself in this world for mankind is not that evil, yet. May he never be.

So be warned, separate yourself in spirit from the world's corruption, and you will recognise the antichrist.