My Short Stories

Edward Snowden.


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This man shows how things are done.

He is not a wimp. Nor is he inept.

Reflecting as he does the Biblical Gospel injunction to be as gentle as a dove but cunning as a serpent.

Even then he was not able to do anything without the co operation of others. Keep this in mind. 

So you too can help out those who are trying to overturn the criminal psycho world government which does exist, and replace it with one of justice peace and prosperity for everyone.

We need Edward Snowden. He has not finished yet.

What he has yet to reveal appears to be what has placed the American establishment in a panic. 

What is done is done and they cannot undo that no matter how hard they try, so why the panic and harshness. there must be more, much more.

This could be explosive

This could get interesting.

We need more Edward Snowdens. 

We need them now. 

Time is not on the side of justice or of peace, or of humanity itself, in its death throes.

Don't take the public utterances of world leaders as gospel.

 They are compelled to act such and such publicly.  

Behind the scenes it must be a different story and they have shown as much by their actions to date, though not all. 

Some are squarely in the US camp and these it will be useful to know so they can be repelled as pariah states by the world community.

Their sins are adding up, and soon they will come crumbling down to drown them in their own stink.