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Time for Every Decent Country in the World to Impose Sanctions on the US


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This should include all trade, all diplomatic and defence ties, all financial transactions all cultural and all tourism and sporting ties.

 The US needs to be isolated and ignored. 

Maybe then the people of the US will wake up that all is not smelling of roses in the White House and Congress. 

Maybe then all the people of the USA will wake up and realise they are being governed by criminals and they are the ones who suffer as well as the rest of the world.

Maybe then by the power of God they can drive these criminals  out of office and into jail where they belong, doing hard labour and eating gmo food as a reward for their pains.

tTe jails should be crop dusted…I mean chemtrailed twice daily to supplement the daily drug medications and the water kept fluoridated; also give them access to mobile phones with a cell tower in each cell..  get it?ha, ha.

The US is apparently bankrupt so they just keep printing money which effects every country they deal with.

Therefore these sanctions will eventually work to the benefit of the rest of the world.

 With the US isolated the rest of the world can develop meaningful trade using a meaningful system of exchange and a meaningful monetary system.

I am being serious. The UK will be give the option to opt out if it wishes, but must endure the ire of the other nations and it too fully isolated and bear the full weight of sanctions. 

The USA and the UK can then trade with each other and leave the world alone until the people execute regime change of their own governments where none of the incumbents or anyone like them is ever able and allowed to be elected to office.