My Short Stories

What Differentiates the End Times from Previous Dictatorships.


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It is the culmination and revelation of all evil in the treatment of human beings, all of humanity.



It is also spiritual, rather than in the past which relied on emphasising economic dictatorship and social control. It is a demonic attack on and degradation of the individual’s personhood and their liberty.


It is the worst kind of evil, heretofore hidden from humanity. It is doing to everyone that was previously regarded as an aberration by some psychopath, but much worse, and universally.


We can see the emergence now of this in the way American cops treat people. That is now out in the open. The courts are moving in a similar direction, as is the military, all with the facilitation of Congress and the President.


Then there are the detention camps where new forms of degrading torture will be tried, if allowed by an apathetic public.

You see what makes them different from the worst aspects of the civilian population is nothing. They are infected with the same spirit but with more power, thats the only difference.


Everything else you can see right before your eyes. They will try to destroy the christian faith both from the outside and the inside. This is already well underway.


And along with this all the foundations of personality and culture.


We are facing the worst time in history, still unimaginable to us. How necessary then is it to prepare, which has been the basis of all these essays and much from other writers and researchers.


We are not in it as a pastime. This is a serious SOS. As serious as it gets.