My Short Stories

Abolishing Banks.


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Whatever enriches bankers is stolen money.

A banker produces no goods or services, except debt.

A banker is therefore a negative drain on the economy.

To what extent has this reached into the pockets of social and political entities?

Simply put the level of debt in the world is the level of fraud.

Legalising this theft does not justify it.

Supporting it does nothing to  alleviate it.

Paying it perpetuates and exacerbates it.

Repudiating it stems the flow of the lifeblood from the economy.

Abolishing it corrects it.

To begin again banks become the monopoly of the people via their own government, with no outside interference from third parties.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

There are no banks.

Governments issue the money.

Governments create the money.

It is issued interest free.

It is repaid without haemoraging the economy.

There is no negative drain on production.

Production is increased.

There are more goods and services.

These flow to poorer sectors via government.

And to every sector in proportion to goods and services produced, both to owners of production and workers.

This eliminate poverty.

This eliminates artificially created Third World status.

This eliminates war.

This eliminates theft of the means of production, media, health care and legal representation.

It establishes independent education, entertainment, sport and culture.

It enriches government services and production vital to infrastructure and power supply.

It reduces pollution and waste.

It preserves and even enriches the environment.

It eliminates disease.

It eliminates poor health.

It creates room and funds for the development of culture.

It increases time for leisure and the production and enjoyment of culture.

It clears the mind of the people from distraction and lies.

It harmonises lives with culture and the practise of religion.

It eliminate false religion.

It eliminate a wasteful defence industry.

It improves the quality and development of product.

It facilitates invention and the development of new products and services.

It allows the birds to sing, the rivers to flow, the plants to grow, the bees to work and the poisons to be detoxified from all ecosystems and human and animal biosystems.

It increases quality and abundance of soil production.

It facilitates mental and emotional growth and productivity.

It stimulates the arts and sciences.

It increases knowledge, artistic output including music, sculpture and painting.

it all starts when we say "Enough!" to banks.