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Money is not power.

Power derives from work and production.

 Money is merely a measure of both. Nothing else.

When this money is stolen from the workers and the producers then a transfer of power accompanies this theft.

This theft is made possible by the corruption of the lawmakers.

When this theft is global there are several results.

First there is war.

Second, poverty and starvation.

Third, disease and environmental degradation leading to environmental destruction.

Fourth, enslavement of the populations of the world.

Fifth, this process becomes cyclical. In reality this cycle is a downward spiral.

We are at the pointy end of that spiral.

Man cannot rescue himself from this destruction. This is impossible to him.

He depends entirely on God.

It is the vacuum created by the disbelief in God and his Commandments by the majority which causes, or allows this spiral to proceed.

What's it going to take? Man cannot even reach out to a God he does not believe exists, keep commandments he has forgotten, aquire virtue he has repudiated.

But only these three things can invite God's intervention and cure.

Is there yet a cure on the planet?

Or is God entirely forgotten?

I believe we can in ernest now invite God's destruction of these thieves.

 But he works through our own actions, to perfect and direct them for a cure which is as yet just out of reach.

The mission is to open the eyes of ALL mankind to their being robbed.

This is our prayer, uttered from a heart torn and bleeding.

Mankind has run his course. His pain is recorded. And will be rewarded, despite himself.

The cup is full.

The mystical marriage can and will be consummated. 

Humanity will enter the new Jerusalem.

This is written in the stars.