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A Plea for the Conversion of Europe.


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You have been taken over by zionist forces. 

Your mind is controlled by them. You are not aware of it.

The history presented to you was a lie. To the victor goes the spoils, even the souls of men.

The Catholic Church's Vatican II was also a lie.

 The new pope is the prophet of the antichrist, and you would do well to avoid allowing his words to enter your consciousness, as this is poison dressed up as salvation

Trust me on this. Every word he utters is occult.

In this you resist the destruction of your soul.

You cannot deny that you have a soul. 

Better to find you have one in salvation than in destruction.

Either way you will find out instantly.

Therefore this pope does not represent Jesus or his Salvation. It is all a lie.

But the faith they have laboured now this past 200 years to destroy, in ever increasing intensity, is real. 

Go back to your roots which is Christian civilisation.

Go back to your roots which is the traditional Latin Mass.

Go back to your roots which are the ten commandments.

In this you will find your salvation in the coming days, which are about to burst on you at any moment;

economic disaster, social enslavement, war, starvation, earthquakes and every evil from the bowels of hell, which is the result of abandoning your faith;

which is the result of abandoning your morals,

allowing the conspiracy which has built up against you to play itself out in the full force of hatred of you, in full fury.

Go back to your faith now. Do not believe in the childish prank, Darwin.

 Look at the beauty of the natural world and its intelligence, including yourselves.

Look at its perfectly constructed interdependence and balance, albeit all of which  these evil forces are trying to destroy, so that you have no longer any memory of it, or sustainability by it.

 Look at these 4 things and you yourself cannot help but see the stupidity of the Darwinian paradigm, and the nonsense of twisting science to fit the ridiculous theory, albeit at the barrel of a gun, imprisonment, and funding threats.

The thought police have taken over.

The snake let loose.

Translate this essay into every language on the continent.

 Do it now for your own good.