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atlanteans - remembering the real plan of salvation


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the salvation of atlantis is a lost cause despite your efforts, what has been done, and the fact that you are in the future of what has been done proves that, cannot be undone.

the eternal salvation of your souls, made possible by the birth death and resurrection of the son of god, jesus christ, as i have shown you before, is what is important.

 think about it and i am sure you will agree.

 thus I would ask that you desist and destroy all your work with the development of science in our time which is only facilitating the destruction of the earth and the enslavement in a physical mental and spiritual state of darkness those that remain, a third time, at least, that I know of.

look what happened when you went to noahs time, look again, what will happen in out time, if you can, although i am told you cannot look beyond 2012 .

you are of better substance than the evil gouls with which, at the top level, which you may or may not be aware of, that you are co operating with. 

they too have their secrets as to the real intention with which they are co operating with you.

 you think that if you are successful they will not even exist, as this history will not even exist, but you are dead wrong so take responsibility for your actions and stop now this madness.

you instigated their technological takedown of the earth and its inhabitants. 

it is up to you to reverse it.

it falls on your shoulders.

 it is your responsibility.

you cannot prevent the destruction of atlantis but you can prevent the destruction of the future, now, this generation, by a malevolent power intent on wresting it from god and hurling it all into hell. 

is that what you want to be a part of. your generation is better than that. your value system is higher than that.

it is the antithesis of all you have done in your own generation, all your progress.

 it is the antithesis of all you stand for, all you work for, all your ideals and therefore all the work you are doing in coming to this time to try to preserve a civilisation, your own, atlantis, and not destroy it.

 think about it. do experiments on the changing of history and see for yourself that it does not work.

 but do it quickly and respond quickly, when you find out the truth, and destroy the works of technology which are being used to destroy the world in our age and enslave humanity to spiritual death and hell.

 you do not want to be part of that.

 you cannot repeat the mistakes you committed in noahs time, a second time, only much more so today, a much bigger mistake than in noahs time or your own, and one that is fatal not just for mankinds material existence but mankinds eternal spiritual survival. 

even in noahs time you have destroyed the envelope of water surrounding the earth so that harmful rays now penetrate to lessen the lifespan of life on earth by a factor of ten and diminish our mental capacity by the same order. we now only use 10% of our brainpower.

we can forgive this. 

but we can never forgive the spiritual destruction of the souls of man in our own time which you are facilitating.

the choice is yours. i cannot make it for you, but you must act with swiftness.