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Atlanteans ... Blinded by Science.

'Its not rocket science.'

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This is where ancient history gets interesting.

If you are able to travel into the future and interact with it, that future must exist.
 There is no going back on it.

 It wouldn't have happened if you could then go back to your current time and change the outcome. 

You would be using a future that doesn't exist to change the outcome to form a new future. 

Surely you cannot use something physical that doesn't exist in the real world to develop technology to go back in time to change that same future by preventing the calamity coming to Atlantis which would prevent that same again, I repeat myself, future you travelled to from coming into existence. 

If you did the future you went to would not exist, so you couldn't have gone there in the first place.

Thats common sense 101. Its also science 101. "Its not rocket science.". But these brilliant Atlantean scientists, who lived 1000 years, with with a great intellect to begin with, much greater than ours, working together in their millions probably, could not figure that out, blinded by science.

They equated time travel with the lack of solidity of reality. But time travel would not be possible to begin with, in the physical, without that solidity.

Time travel was discovered by them using the laws of physics. So how can it defy those very same laws of physics?

Hence there entire mission to our time will and did, Atlantis no good. it has gone forever.

And they have done much to aid the forces of evil in our time with their technology.

 As they did when they travelled 800 years into the future to the time of Noah, also as revealed by revelation by Our Lady to a seer, Michael, in the 1980's; a time before the flood when men also, or I should say - still, lived 1000 years.
 And look what they did to that time.

Since the time of Noah mans intelligence has greatly decreased due to the collapse of the water barrier surrounding the earth to filter the suns harmful rays, and along with it his lifespan, down to a maximum 120 years, as stated in the Bible, in the passages referring to the flood.

What then shall become of our time?
 It will not be again destroyed by flood, but by fire according to prophecy and current events.

But we cannot entirely blame Atlantis for this, who made themselves known during the time of Noah but not to our time.

If thery did, the purpose of their visitation and technology transfer would be revealed, which they believe(d) would change history and prevent everyone alive today from coming into existence.
 Our hostility to this would be such that we would not co operate with their plans.

Hence they would be thwarted in their endeavour. That is why they keep their identity secret and give the lame cover story that they come from other star systems. 

Any one of them that is not fully human is a result of their own genetic creation.
Again that is not hard to figure out for in nature everything is beautiful and perfect, including us to the extent that it has not been degraded by man himself.

Thus the ridiculous assumption of the different "races" by people with more mouth than brains. These same fools probably believe Darwin, who didn't believe himself.
But thats another topic which I may address at another more opportune time.

How far the Atlanteans go before they realize that their plans are not coming to fruition and what effect this would have on the current yet hidden level of technology is anyones guess. 

However, given the above, we are told that they are trying to advance technology to a point in advance of their own back then, we must be more than a little worried that this technology, hidden from us, is in the hands of our enemies, the self proclaimed masters of the planet.

"Swing low sweet chariot."