My Short Stories

The Lethargy of the Nations will Allow the Antichrist to Rise Up.

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It is the abandonment by Europe of their faith in God that has lead to this lethargy.

This was caused by the continuous wearing down of the populace through the media, and the continuing corruption of sexual and political morality, 

the complete distortion of history to the point of presenting the opposite of the truth,

 and the freemasonic takeover of all power centres in every walk of life.

 The ignorant will continue to deny this.

 But this is sheer folly.

This freemasonic takeover is demonic takeover, and nothing can be more foolish and destructive than to deny it.

Thus the Abomination spoken of in Daniel the prophet  and John's Apocalypse will arise in Europe, and with it the antichrist, and his prophet, already installed on the throne of Peter - Francis, as foretold by Pope Leo XIII in 1898.

People will be given every sign by God possible of this abomination when it arises, first in Rome. The same signs that were given when Christ expired on the cross, and many will be converted.

This sign will be a great darkness and thunder which will descend on the earth and many bishops will see the truth and be converted, to lead the people. Many will be too weak and unable to but they will not be abandoned by God.

This abomination is a new form of the Catholic church, which does away with the Eucharist and the other Sacraments of the church.

 It will in fact be a worship of Lucifer.

Hear ye..... hear ye!