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Our Minds are Free but Our Spirits are Still Subservient


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Regarding those in the alternative media; our minds are free but our spirits are still subservient to big government - and it is this which causes the babble.

This is not necessary. We must recognize the falsity of this subservience.

They are our servants, not our masters, and we must act to rake in, reprimand, dismiss and jail wrongdoing by them and their authorities. the latter - jail -  in the form of those directly responsible for it - the wrongdoing.

Unless we have this mindset, we will never be free of them . . . AND you are not alone.
If you think it, others will think it too, until it snowballs.
This is the law of cosmic conciousness, which always prevails.

Its all very well to write books on the crimes of the establishment, but unless we have liberated our spirit, in line with our mental operations and in cinq, ie. in harmony and parallel to the mental values we believe in, we cannot move foreward.
We cannot bring down the government and all governments which seek to enslave the populations - us.

and you will. To the applause of the nations, as this spiritual breaking of the shackles that binds them, manifests in our conciousness and our thoughts, which are translated into words, but new words; words of life; words with spiritual power; and words of judgment on the authorities who refuse to accept that this authority derives only from the people that they serve . . or fail to serve, and seek to enslave.  

This is justice.
An action evolved into thought and morphed into words to set the world on fire.

This derives soley from you, the reader, I am not talking to anyone else, and will spread, even without your action, which you cannot do anyway.
It is a spiritual movement, like the spread of electricity, from one soul to another around the world at the speed of light.

You can enhance this spiritual movement with prayer, which is itself enhanced by fasting. One day a week is sufficient, creating a vaccum for the power of the Spirit of God to enter and change our lives.

This is our mission. The mission entrusted to us.

Let us think that unless we proceed on this path of self liberation, the world as we know it will stay the same, and is this what we have been trying to change all along?

Let us think the terrible truth.
If we do not follow the path of spiritual freedom, or at least try, we look at possibly being enslaved.