My Short Stories

Evil is Driven Out by Good.

.. not the other way - light wins over darkness, spiritually as well.

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 Be good, to yourself and others. This comes at a cost and is the inverse of our universally fallen nature, which is the source of all evil on the planet.

 But it is not without guiding lights, and strength, and victory is always assured.

Count up the goodness in souls on the planet. Then ask yourself, how long do the forces of evil think they can hold out?
 It is a waiting game very much, and one of action for those who know and believe the power of life and its power over evil.

In your own life surely you have seen this?

Therefore we press on, heedless of the clamor of those who obediently enslave themselves to evil in its institutional, vocational and material manifestation.

We are wary of those who, in cinq with their blind following, would be its enforcers.

Ever wary.

No one is perfect. But we should not waste our time on earth, which is so short compared to the infinity which follows, by leading a life which does not tend in that direction. Particularly when the alternative is that we are in danger of being sucked into the maelstrom of evil now consuming the planet.

Personal sacrifice is what made the saints great.

And their greatness was manifested to us by the miracles which they were able to do. These are not mere myths. 
If they were then all we hope and strive for would be a myth as well, and we know it is not, because of the fruits it produces in the world and in our own souls.

Our souls are not fools. Knowing right from wrong , happiness from unhappiness, therefore always striving to achieve the former, regardless of the cost even death of self which is absolutely necessary to let the seedling crack open the seed - the beginning . . . "you must be born gain" said Jesus....and this is what he meant - born of the spirit, to eternal life, even on this plane, especially on this plane.

"Oh when the saints go marching in!"