My Short Stories

No Where is There Mention of Prayer.

is it because people are ashamed to pray or ashamed to admit they pray?

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 It is little wonder the New Worlders have had no difficulty advancing their agenda.

This despite that it is very easy to defeat it.

A few could begin the process of its defeat .

This would spread globally.

But where to begin?

Firstly, identification is a necessary tool in order to defeat the NWO.

They carry out their work of seduction, control, desensitisation and destruction  using money and secrecy.

Most people who are awake are aware of the fiscal and economic control.

A few are aware of the seduction and fewer still the desensitisation.

This desensitisation to the destruction going on all around them is the path to oblivion for most in society unless they wake up to themselves.

But almost none are aware of the secrecy which hides the mechanics of the New Worlders, a secrecy which is many layers thick but which we can punch using the little we know and crack it wide open.

This secrecy begins and ends with the pyramid of power known as Freemasonry.

Freemasons themselves are seduced, controlled, desensitised, destroyed spiritually and destructive of everyone around them, and reach into every facet of social, economic, monetary, political, religious and educational power in this world under the guiding hand of Satan and his legion of demons to bring about their New World of which these pawns who think they will rule over it will be their first victims because everything that comes from hell is a lie, including its promises.

Now that we have identified the enemy of mankind we can begin to defeat them.

Firstly by placing ourselves under God's power, through prayer. Then directing this prayer against all the powers of evil seen and unseen all around us; against the instigators, not the effects of this evil, knowing we are united with others who are of good will and willingly doing so,  knowing they too voluntarily unite against this evil in spirit, calling on God with our hearts to defeat and destroy all the powers of this greed, envy and hatred, which is the sole well spring of  the control, destruction, miseducation and desensitisation by the NWO, which leads to spiritual death and not just physical suffering and death.

Never doubt that even if only two were to unite in this way God would destroy the NWO and renew the planet for their sake.

May you be one of those "two".

It is written in His Word and His Word cannot lie.

" I say to you , if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they ask, it shall be done for them by My Father in the  Heavens." ( Mathew 18; 19.)

"We pray to You, God The Holy Spirit, to defeat the 'New World Order.' "

Where two or more agree on something  and come together in prayer for their request I will grant it.

Matthew 18. 19.