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.....our choice?

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As the full force of the coming Orwellian Nightmare is about to descend on America, Americans are in a "no mans land".

The MSM sheeple don't care.

The lamestream alternative media sheeple seem similarly oblivious.

The wind has gone from their sails, as it has from the lamestream alternative media itself.

There is no fight in them.

There is no leadership, which would garner that fight.

There is only quiet denial that it is all happening to them.

So vast is the state apparatus arraigned against them.

So pathetic their faith in Christ.

What will happen to them?

At this point there is only massive Divine intervention that can save them.

But it does not help that they no longer believe in God.

God is not mocked. He is omnipotent.

Mankind is in a state of sin, a precarious state.

Mankind will go into darkness unless God intervenes.

God will only intervene if we call on him.

Even as we live unrighteous lives he will still hear us and listen to our plea.

No man is without sin, but the cross of Christ stands between God and man to mitigate the effect of sin on our relationship with God.

Will you still refuse to turn to him?

If you continue to do so, how can he help you?

You will be punished, yes Satans attacks, which we see manifested today and we are on the cusp of much worse, are a punishment from God, until you turn, or until it is too late. Which will it be?

. . . . . . . . . . 

Don't shoot the messenger.

As an example of how God  can and will intervene see the 'angels' link on the left side of home page.