My Short Stories

SIX MONTHS into the 42mth. Tribulation.

... as foretold by St John's "Revelations."
 -  the last book of the Holy Bible.

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The people of the world are so conned, so lied to, so deceived, so thieved from, so oppressed, so depressed, so dominated, so legislated against, so poisoned, so irradiated, so suppressed, they don't comprehend any of it, don't believe any of it, don't contemplate any of it, and don't want to.

This is because they have been conditioned to accept the above, as a pre condition to accepting the next stage ... total mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual darkness.

They will walk into this prison freely and without remorse. Never to return.
Unless God intervenes.

This is the month on which it all turns.

They don't see that anything is holding them back, so the evil men and women of this world will spring a trap.

I see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it;
believe it, abhor it, & reject it.

You do likewise.
Whoever and wherever you may be.

Today, according to the revelations given to the Last Prophet of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Maria Divine Mercy, (see her website measures the sixth month of the 42 mths. allowed the powers of darkness.

36 mths. to go.

"and I beheld rising out of the sea a beast .......

and there was given to it power to work during 42 months ....."

Revelations: 13: 1, 5.