My Short Stories

"Mankind is Opposed by a Monstrous Conspiracy."


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"unleashing the power of our unified platform on financial markets”.

the above is a topic from the recent Bilderberg Conference (2013).

In the wake of Libor, which stole according to one lawsuit 23 trillion from the American people, this is what Kennedy meant when he used the word "opposed", in the context of the title of this essay.

This word "opposed", allows you to get into the mindset of the forces of the is a declaration of war, acted upon and pursued with ruthless cunning, energy and unlimited resources, both physical and spiritually demonic, using the black arts for the latter, and alien technology for the former, over a period of decades, during which both have been ramped up considerably.

As well as the above, these forces have as the first line of this essay hinted, inexhaustable financial clout and they use all of the above under the cloak of secrecy and deception, preying on the ignorance and weakness of mankind.

They in their turn are opposed by those who have overcome ignorance and weakness, relying on the help of God, implored through the use of their free will; the God of the Christians, for there is no other God.

A God who will help even those who do not know him, but will turn his back on you if after having learnt about him, you choose to reject him.

These are the two forces arraigned against each other on this earth. The only two.

They are supported on either side by an entire phalanx of warrior souls, from heaven and hell, but only in the context of the free will of mankind, and remember also only in the context of a fallen race, us.

Choose your side, now. There is no more time.