My Short Stories

A plea for the last person to leave US to turn out the lights


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Lets get one thing clear. 

The US authorities have shown us what they think of the American people.

the media has shown us what they think of the american people

as have the banks, the courts, and govt esp. federal govt.

time to leave folks,  time to pack the bags and head for the hills as they say. 

  over the border into south america or to the north into canada or somewhere away from urban america

 no longer safe in your own country

no longer welcome

no longer in control of your own destiny

the government thinks it owns you

the medias thinks it has fooled you

the police think you are slaves

the courts think you are a nuisance

the banks take you for a sucker

the people are belittled by their own government

controlled by their media

oppressed by the legal and enforcement system as well as the economic climate and uncontrolled immigration

the health system is a farce

the education system is a joke

the entertainment industry is gutter trash

religion has failed

nourishment is scarce

goods are crap

the family is broken up

the neighbourhood is hostile

and you are all under surveillance

you are all on file

you are all monitored

if you know anything about how they treat animals 

be afraid

if you know anything about how they treat foreign countries

be very afraid

if you know anything at all

weep for your children.

and the reason is, 

despite the above

the real suffering, 

the real oppression, 






has not yet even begun.