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reversing the hex


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the eleventh hour - reversing the hex.

this is simple. 

whatever they say think the opposite. 

they use key words like, freedom, security, war on terror, liberty, justice, openness, democracy etc. and they always mean the opposite - 

war on terror is really a war of terror. there is no such thing as a war on terror.

 war is terror the only difference is that some are more terrible than others -

 these latter can rightly be called wars of terror - and this is what they engage in. 

the only real war on terror is peace.

similarly with intimidation, fear, feeling of oppression. - 

think the opposite to these feelings and you will achieve it.

then command the destruction, mentally, of the source of the above, and the source of the lame words of doublespeak.

Sure as day follows night the doings of the works of darkness are in the end exposed to the light.

Sure as money follows power, bankers follow the hidden masters of world affairs.

Some time soon these will be dragged out of their castles and strung up, and their web of organisations, made powerful by the weakness of man, will wither and die.

At this eleventh hour which morphs into twelve, justice itself is awakened, truth itself is stirred to vengeance and the eleventh hour tea party made up of mad hatters will drink instead a powerful brew of  blood.

Evil now stalks the stage, but it will be short lived. ,

It calls all that is evil to come out of the closet and join in, but the crashing noise of their assembly will die before the thunderous applause of the day of the Lord which even now approaches like a fast stead from the heavens.

This is not the hour of justice. 

It is the hour of the unjust where they presume to build the temple and make all men fall down and worship the beast.

It is the hour when men will feel deserted by the light. 

Barrenness of soul will be felt and the life of it will be pined for, as men shuttle from circumstance to circumstance and find no relief from their fears.

This is the finale. The final flame. 

The earth is consumed and will wither and die.

But the devil can only go so far, and even then, only to try the inhabitants of the earth.

 And from this trial a new Paradise is birthed. from the world's ashes a new Jerusalem, a new Eden, more glorious than the past, more permanent, more safe from Satans grasp, more lasting,more sacred than the last, more filled with people more holy, to participate in a holier feast of joy,  a king's banquet, a fine repast.

Come Lord Jesus, come.