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Interestingly George Orwell does not mention bankers in his supposed parody of communism, "Animal Farm."

Bankers or 'banksers' to give them  the appropriate hissing viper, image were the key ingredient everyone missed.

This is because it was not an internal revolution as everyone supposed, except those in the know, but one imposed from the outside by western banksers.

They have been no less active on the revolutionary front in the west and indeed the rest of the world, where they could get their slithering body in the door and strike at the populace with their poison fang before wrapping themselves around their financial system and squeezing all the money out into their coffers.

They do not just store the wealth, although that has a use as well, as it impoverishers the rest of the world, which they relish because it acts like a poison to disempower them.

Then they wrap their body around them, ie. each country and squeeze to drain their strength by  among other ploys, buying up at fraudulently reduced prices their main companies. 

Usury is the main ploy, to suck the wealth, like a giant vacuum cleaner, from nations, individuals, small businesses and above all governments.

The latter by fraudulently inducing them to take out loans, which they never used appropriately, in the third world countries,  due to their corrupting of the leaders involved and the ensuing debt can never be reposed, because of this usury, which then enables them to take that country down, in the process, stealing from the people, whose it is by natural law and human right, its natural resources.

Thus we see, although they are never mentioned, and I strongly suspect, deliberately so, as George Orwell worked for the illuminati, that the pigs at the trough towards the end of Animal Farm are the bankers.

 A classic case of misdirection, as is Alex Jones, who never mentions them, Rense who sidelines them and Br Nathanael whom we won't elaborate on any more except to say, like Hitler, he blames all Jews for the sins of the few and those who follow them in their synagogues, which is what happens similarly with masons I guess.

This is why the above and others who are also involved in misdirection, knowingly or not, are not only allowed to continue but are supported in their endeavours by the illuminati structure.

Make no mistake they have the internet system entirely covered. This comes out of the black budget part of their ill gotten gains, which is the second use of it -

to acquire the technology,organisation and apparatus to enslave the rest of humanity.

In this they are assisted by 'aliens',or Atlanteans, time travellers whose purpose is to come foreward to our time to use it to gain time to develop the technology necessary to thwart the catastrophe they see coming to their own civilisation. Then to take that technology back and use it for the above purpose. 

This is the why and wherefore of  their secrecy, for if they were to be successful, we would not exist, so we would want to destroy them for that reason.

 That is why they lie, not very convincingly, as scientists do not do well with lies, that they are from other star systems.

 But I digress, and there is nothing to worry about on that score, as events, little do they, in their panic and rush, presumably, do they realise that once an event happens it cannot be changed, otherwise life in a well ordered universe, as we witness, would not be well ordered at all but infinite chaos - a law, if you will, of physics.

Our task now is to expose the high level witches which govern this demonic attack from the banksers on humanity, at the spiritual level.

This we will do with God's help.