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We are in the end times.

It can only be of supernatural origin.

It must therefore be God speaking and the Virgin Mary, in their turn.

It illumines my path

It gives me the strength to walk that path

It saves my soul on a daily basis (what more evidence can I give than that?)

It illumines and often suggests my writing.

It keeps me grounded

It keeps me abreast of what is really happening in the world both in the present and what is coming and very near.

This understanding enables me to prepare and warns me in advance. This is necessary for my soul.

It satisfies my soul.

It surrounds me with care and fills me with confidence.

It lifts my spirit

It corrects my thoughts and therefore actions.

It keeps me on the right path in a troubled and crazy world.

It keeps me close to God.

It nourishes my soul

It gives me rest.

It guides my prayers.

It enables me to fast.

It corrects my faults.

It overcomes my weaknesses

It gives me courage.

It gives me hope

It gives me understanding 

It overcomes my anxieties.

It gives me truth.

It gives me joy

It fulfills my life.

It gives me optimism about the future of this world once the darkness can be overcome.

It assures me that the darkness will soon be overcome.