My Short Stories

USA Presidents.

From Mckinnley to Hilary.

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Of the 20 American presidents since since the turn of last century only 6 may not be considered insane, criminal and a murderer.

These 6:- Taft, Harding, Mckinnley, Kennedy, Coolidge, Hoover.

This is not the legacy of a free and open democratic republic.

Rather the exact opposite;

a country ruled by thieves, murder and the subjugation of the American good to the greed and hypocricy of corporations, which were systematically taken over by banking institutions.

In such a scenario, where 2 of the good ones at least were murdered in office, entwined presidential and national history become fully opaque to scrutiny.

History is never true to begin with and is usually the opposite to what we have been given because of an agenda against common people, which has dominated that history.

This can only and does lead to a devolution of social and national development and the expected evolution from the evolution of technology, even though 95% is still suppressed, has not taken place.

Along with this devolution comes the crooked presidents.

The pivot for the banking takedown.

As this is ratcheted up the presidents themselves are of necessity more easily manipulated, as also the public which elect them.

With Bush and Soweto we have hopefully reached the bottom.

But a Hilary would take us even lower. I doubt we can survive till then.

But if we do, she will rule over an Orwellian prison, that knows no limits to its dark character and nightmare-ish reality.

We could then truly say, "Thats all folks"

...Coming to you from the White-out House; where everything they do is secret and everything you do is not.