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Lid blown off UFO Coverup.


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Atlantis seeing the imminent demise of their world and unable to stop it through time constraints and their lack of the necessary technology traveled to our time to boost up our technology to a level that would deal with the problem, so that they could take it back in time and use it to prevent the disaster.

So said the seer MICHAEL as related to him by the Virgin Mary back in the early 80's.

All our current knowledge of UFO's can be used to support this scenario.

None of it can be used to discredit it.

It is also supported by the ongoing discoveries of that ancient technology.

Practically all of which is suppressed.

The same seer also explains as he relates from the Virgin Mary that the Atlanteans do not realize that once an event occurs it cannot be undone and that thus although they have travelled to our time to gain time to develop this technology, our time is one in which the catastrophe has already happened therefore nothing done in our time can prevent it from happening otherwise our time would not even exist as it is. It would be a different time.

How this has escaped their attention is possibly due to the lack of foresight in trying the experiment on a smaller scale, possibly due to panic and a lack of time to do so, where ever moment counts.

All they have suceeded in doing is destroying the planet one more time by making this technology available to a bunch of insane wealthy people bent on world domination.

We are told by the same seer that they also went foreward 800 years to Noah's and polluted that generation also, resulting in the worldwide Flood.

Also that there were 16 arks in various parts of the world, not just the one mentioned in the Bible. The Bible does not state categorically that Noah was the only ark builder. It makes sense that different areas of the globe had their own ark survivors.

This would account for the diversity of animal and plant life existent today all over the world and why there is much more diversity in sea life and insect life both of which for different reasons may have survived the flood.

Ufo's are time travellers who would not want this information to be revealed for to do, had they been successful would mean that our current reality, ie. us would not exist, and we would not co operate in such a scenario. 

Hence the drama about coming from other star systems. But they never really deny that they are from earth.

Undoubedly they have colonized space in their time and also through time but they originate from earth. 

If God had made other planets like us in their abundance and beauty then so be it. But the general consensus amongst seers and the messages they convey from heaven is that he has not.

The lesson is that you can change the future, which has not yet happened but not the past, which has already occurred.

If this were not true, the latter, then all life would be meaningless, subject to endless change; purposeless because no justice could ever be realized and this is not in the nature of our God or thus his creation.