My Short Stories

Antizionists vs. Antimasons.

........a divide and conquer strategy that has worked.

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Antizionists believe that zionists are the problem with the world today and the cause of all its problems.

They believe they are the originators of the NWO concept which will give them total control of the control, at the cost of human numbers, quality of life and purpose.

This is because zionism at the international level has become synonymous with the attempted control of all countries foreign and domestic policies by agents of the State of Israel.

There are those people including many jews who believe zionism is the right of jews to have a homeland where they can live in peace with their neighbours. They therefore believe the problem with the Palestinians, according to the propaganda fed them, even if they live in Israel, is caused by the Palestinians.

How can a people so dumb consider themselves the "chosen" people, especially when roughly 80% of them do not even believe in God or an afterlife?

The word zionism itself is a "hologram" of thought in international politics. It does not really exist except to divert attention away from the Talmudic, cabbalistic Freemasonry created by its infiltration and total takeover by fake Jews.

This suits their purpose for it seeks to divert attention and blowback away from themselves onto the Jewish race, to which they do not really belong.

This they have always done.

This banker aristocracy of fake Jews can then behind the scenes operate with impunity to steal the fortunes from and enslave the people of entire nations and ultimately the entire world.

Those jews who attend the synagogues of the above which are really only synagogues of satan only have themselves to blame for this blowback.

There are many orthodox jews who unlike the above actually believe in the Torah, or the Old Testament part of the Christian Bible. These are the true descendants of Abraham and those to whom christ promised he would never abandon them or let them go.

That there is a distinction is made clear by Christ himself who clearly differentiates them from the "vipers", as he calls them, in the synagogues of his time "How can you save yourselves from the eternal fire ...."

It is they that crucified him.

Also in Revelations he makes repeated distinctions between the two.

"The synagogue of Satan, those who call themselves Jews but do lie."

And the 144,000 jews 12,000 from each tribe who are the first to be saved from amongst the nations after the tribulation of the last

So there is a distinction which people like Br Nathanael try to blur and twist scripture to suit their agenda.

Having grown up in the synagogue of Satan himself Br Nathanael paints all jews with the same brush. He should and I believe he does know better but seeks to highlight his expose of fake jews in high places in american politics and society by this one size fits all strategy and as an admonition to the orthodox torah believing jews to turn to christ.

It is freemasonry that is the problem with a fake jew banker or banker related (aka. witches) hierarchy at the top.