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The Alternative Media Assault on 911.

.......or, here we go again.

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I am astonished at the ongoing "revelations" or repetitions concerning 911.

They remind me of a piece of corrugated iron, continually flapping in the wind, partially affixed to a building which has been abandoned long ago, beside a deserted road, on a desert plain, and with no one in sight.

But this is no reason to allow defeat.

Truth is one thing.

 But to actually pursue truth to its logical conclusion, victory, is another. 

Truth warriors do not simply pursue truths, they fight with truth, for truth and in pursuit of truth to gain certain goals, and it is the pursuit of these goals that concerns them, not the "truth" or otherwise of certain currency in contemporary issues.That may be a starting point.

But the alternative media has been left thrashing about at the starting point.
This is to be expected.

One can extrapolate this to all the worlds current problems at the macro and often at the micro level. 

There is no progress.

The "truthseekers" themselves are caught in the bubble of illusion.
Deliberately so.

They are under sway, imprisoned, fenced in, castrated, disillusioned, rudderless and above all goal-less.

It is this latter that invites the rest.

If you don't have a goal, if you are not in agreement on what the goal should be and therefore you cannot be working towards it, then you are going to be left on the starting blocks. 
Thats all there is to it.

The goal must be pursued with the faith and conviction that comes from knowing the truth will lead to victory. That goal and that truth is that the evil be destroyed by being exposed for what it is - the enemy of mankind, to the majority of mankind and that the majority of mankind subsequently rebels against it.

The covering of todays atrocities, by powerful and numerous spirits, by their invocation by the workings of dark masters is the reason for the inability to resolve the problems in the affirmative, and the driving out of these spirits can only be achieved by prayer.....and fasting.

We have all prayed.

Just as the 72 disciples when they were sent forth by two's to drive out evil spirits and heal the sick in Palestine 2000 years ago by Our Lord Himself.

When they returned to him they asked why some spirits were not subject to them despite the invocation of his Holy Name, Jesus of Nazareth. 

His reply still echoes down to us today and we must listen.

 "This kind can only be driven out by fasting."

Let us fast therefore as they did in the days of atonement, as Nineva did to avoid the destruction prophesized to them through Jonah.

Let us make this our intention leading up to the twelfth anniversary of 911, so that we see real change.

In this we turn our hearts to God who alone can deliver us from the evil that covers our planet.

As St Paul says "Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the high places.." referring to the hierarchy of dark spirits.

Unless we do the above the evil will advance to the next step, which is microchipping.

The sure antidote to being microchipped is to align yourself with the goals of the Ten Commandments. Only in this way will you have the moral fibre to refuse the microchip.

 Do the former and you will live spiritually, forever. 

Do the latter and you may live a short while in a zombie Apocalypse but you will die spiritually, forever, as it warns in Revelations., written 2000 years before microchips were invented... just to prove the accuracy of their words.

Give credit where credit is due.