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The word refers to American culture.

A word strangely missing from the current vernacular, even in America today.

Culture is what holds people together. so the ziomasonic cult, running rampant over the entire society suppresses it and obliterates it from the memory, as well as the current thought currency.

It is never evident in films, music, the news, as a conversation topic. It has dried up.
It is never used in advertising to sell products, nor is it incororated into the design of consumer goods.

AMERICANA is a foreign word in America, like culture, heritage, ancestry,history even, anthropology, religion, folklore, family trees, family history, film history. And the same applies whether you're american, African american, Native American, or of foreign ancestry.

They want you in the now, their now.

A sterile, Godless,cultureless, emotionless, (except fear) now.

Don't step outside the box.

Don't entertain your own thoughts.

At the very least do not express them publicly. (If you did you would find they are the same as others, but not your 'masters')

How can you be controlled, and then destroyed if you actually use your soul? Simply obey authority. Follow the rules. And feign acceptance of the current trend.

Anything else and you're on a list.

Anything else and you're dead or in a camp, along with your family.

This is the immediately imminent next step, of the crooks in control of society.

as for guns.

That is a sure sign of independent desire.

We have ways which we have developed which will fix that problem.

Our revolution will not be televised.

Until we reach a certain point where it may be necessary to convince the hold outs.

But when that point comes it will be too late for all of you. yada, yada,. etc., etc.,
or some such script.