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Br Nathanael won't mention the M word.

Rense skips over it (M for masonry).

Henry Mackow exposes it at every available opportunity, and so on and so on.

On again, off again, with no combined assault on this zionist program whose assault on the entire world, at every level, macro and micro, of politics and society has been relentless now for 200 years and is reaching fruition.

Its as though the so called truthseekers aren't wanting to break the infamous code of secrecy on which it depends for its success, and which is enforced swiftly and mercilessly.

This makes all the commentary mere chatter.

Chatterboxes are worthless.

As Br. Nathanael said recently - if you don't name the enemy how are you supposed to defeat him?

Unfortunately Br Nathanael himself does not name the enemy. Rather he names the scapegoat the enemy has always presented to the world, "the joos".

But Br Nathanael is an exception. There is method in his skillful avoidance of the M word.

His target is the Zionist Jews in high places in America.

And for good reason.

They have more power than the rest of freemasonry combined, to hijack American government, finance, law, enforcement and public opinion.

That they are also freemasons as well as Zionist Jews is irrelevant.

They are working for a foreign entity; lets call it the government of Israel, but not the men behind them; and this is his specialty.

More power to him.